20 thoughts on “oleander flower

  1. I would be way to freaked out to get scarification on my neck. One unlucky twitch and you get a slice to the jugular. I have an irrational fear of necks being slit though. Ugh, just seeing someone shaving with a straight razor makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

    The scarification is beautiful though.

  2. iam not a fan of scarifaction but it does look awesome i like when scarifactioon heals nicely like this not like a tragic accident but nicely and so bumpa

  3. Ugh… “it looks like THEIR is barely any scarring at all”?! Really… at least take the time to edit your posts before you submit them, Rachel….
    As for the scarification, I like the subtlety.

  4. See, the funny thing about editor-in-cheifs… They, more often than not, do NOT make grammatical errors. You spelled “their” perfectly fine. “Their” just happens to be the wrong word. Wow. I miss Jordan.

  5. im not sure if people are just on the bandwagon here,
    but i think the placement is poor, the piece lacks depth, and its very difficult to make out the subject matter between a pinwheel and a flower.
    sometimes artists drop the ball, and personally, i think this is one of those times

  6. Touché, Lenses… Although it is not my job to submit articles for all to see. I figured that Modblog would choose someone a little more capable… Someone who is grammatically sound at the very least. Quite possibly someone with a little bit of wit. Maybe that’s asking too much.

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