Most of the readers of BME are probably already deflowered. That may have lead to this contributor’s decision to re-flower herself with this beautiful chrysanthemum tattoo.

Lot’s of tattoos in this region tend to be poorly executed. This particular tattoo, on the other hand, is a refreshing exception to that, with it’s  clean line work and  vibrant colors.


Work un-friendly version after the break.


20 thoughts on “Re-flowering

  1. not a fan off it, maybe its just the picture but it seems unbalanced to me.
    just not to my taste.

  2. sooo i’m not a big fan of colored tattoos but i just love this piece. it’s amazing. i could totally see myself getting something kinda like this too. :]

  3. I’ve always had an idea similar to this.. I think this is very lovely. I still want something along the same lines, but in black and white with a different type of flower.

  4. Beautifully done – and yes, it IS unusual to see a genital tattoo that’s this well done.

    Oh yeah, and OUCH. I know that’s a rather sensitive area!

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