Did you make any New Years Resolutions to give up something this year?

Lots of people make resolutions to give up something for New Years. Smoking, drugs, drinking, eating bad; these are all common examples of things people resolve to give up year after year. The problem is, most people never follow through with these resolutions. Most people go back to their previous lifestyle, simply because they have that as an option.

BME members are generally a little less afraid of commitment. For instance, tattoos and large stretched piercings and other mod work are generally considered permanent. Sure you can have Chuck zap off your tattoos with that fancy laser beam of his, or you can have your stretched piercings sewn closed, but for the most part these mods are (and should be) considered permanent.

Then there is the more “extreme” side of our community. The guys (and gals) who do modifications that there is NO changing their mind on and going back to “normal” later. Take for instance this BME HARD contributor who has made the ultimate commitment.


If you want to see the uncensored picture of this 5 year old penectomy submitted by Katukisuguru, go ahead and click on through.


48 thoughts on “Did you make any New Years Resolutions to give up something this year?

  1. I can honestly say i don’t understand the mentality behind penectomy, but i have a lot of respect for people who are willing to commit to something that drastic.

  2. cardbordfrog, I agree. I to hold lots of respect for someone who is willing to go through with that. It is a big change with no turning back, so go them.

  3. @cardboard, here are a few explanations I have heard over the years (none from this guy in particular).

    -Wanting to make the ultimate commitment to being a gay bottom.
    -Feeling they do not deserve sexual pleasure.
    -A “simpler” means of achieving a more feminine form when compared to the cost and screening required for a proper sex change operation.
    -Some men feel that without there penis there other parts become more sexually alive.

    I am sure there are several other explanations as well if you were to ask around some. I find these motivations fascinating myself.

    That being said, a penectomy is on the short list of things that I can thoroughly say “never” to, when it comes to modifying my own body. However, if a sane, consenting adult chooses to make this extremely permanent change to there body and to there life I have the utmost respect for them regardless of their reasoning.

  4. not sure what to say. I’d rather commit to something else, but looks like he really enjoys it by the pictures so hats off to him.

  5. i’m also curious about how he pees… i was just assuming a urethral reroute in the guiche area, but its not obvious from the photo.

  6. This is actually very attractive, i’m not entirely sure why i think so, but it is.
    Totally got a bit of an Action Man on the go.

  7. I’d love to read something on the before, during and after of the procedures. Just to understand what’s going through their head. Otherwise I think to most people it comes off as just butchering yourself for no reason.

  8. I feel a valid reason would be a sexual transcension.
    Possibly to achieve a form of enlightenment unaffected by the rigor of male sexuality.

  9. Very nice. I hope Katukisuguru joins the conversation. I am interested in his comments on the experience.

  10. Really curious how he pees. There is no hole, but I guess some people say a re-route to the gouche. Still would love to see photos of that.

    Interesting that he decided to keep the testicles though I find. Can he still ejaculate?

    Still don’t understand fully why one would do this, would love to hear the explanation from the person themself.

  11. i am not sure why i noticed this , but, he doesnt have a lot of body hair… i wonder if it bled a lot..

  12. i think this is strangely attractive because just looking at this bit of this guy he seems really cute and it seems to translate to his neither parts well. again i would really like to know from him where he pees? but this looks like its healed super well and he seems to be a healthy happy person, so even though i still like the cock, good for him!

  13. Well. Let it be known I’m not making fun of people’s choices for their penectomies. As with many other people, I respect them for making such a strong commitment…

    .. But maybe they want to look like a GI Joe action figure. Or a Ken doll.

  14. I think it would be really attractive if it was shaved. Erotic in a nullification way.

  15. Is there high sensitivity in the area? Or is orgasm only possible by anal stimulation? It intrigues me.

  16. lol james comment was hilarious, koodos to him, looks like it was never ment to be there

  17. @cardboardfrog i know some people who have chosen to have a penectomy and they all said that they were seeking self control when it came to sex and sexual urges.. they also said that they were finally in control of their sexuality; that having their penis removed freed them of all the sexual frustration they had.

  18. now, i was gonna say, i enjoy the feelings i get from mine, but if he enjoys what he gets out of this mod, then we`re no different!

  19. Sean – Not to say some don’t exist, but it isn’t common to do this surgery/mod as part of a MTF transition. It’s more likly someone would do an orchi because the skin is usually needed if further surgery is desired.

    The mod here is well done, and has a good appearance to it. I would be curious as to what the person doing this desired in the procedure, he seems happy with the outcome.

  20. even if this is something someone wants very badly, i still can’t see it as a good idea. it’s just such a big part of your entire life, your growth, your sexual pleasure, your spirituality and your human existence that how could you ever stand being without it? i’ll never understand it but if it makes him happy…

  21. I worry about the people who make the decision to have this done, I hope they really really know they want it. Because the reasons for doing it, though good reasons, I guess, seem like they might not last forever.

  22. And all that could have being solved if his mother paid more attention to him throughout childhood! When I see stuff like that I think, “Oh, the humanity!”.

    Where’s evolution?! Are we all still wild dogs chasing after some (fe)male on heat? Why!? WHYYYY?!

    I wonder if he has the same commitment to its own oral health! Does he keep his house uber clean and always rid of unusefull stuff?! I bet the last year’s xmas pullover given by his old aunt is still there in the closet! Why?! He may not use it all the time but, might come in handy sometime!

    Geez, I’m shocked! Dunno if its out of his stupidity or if it’s out of other people endorsing his decision like its a natural unusual thing like, buying a Prius!

  23. #34, having a penectomy doesn’t mean he’s foolish, rash or that he was neglected as a child. If you think things like this are ‘wrong’, maybe you shouldn’t be on this website.
    Besides, the way stem cell research is going, people will probably be able to get replacement penises soon!

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  25. It’s pretty cute; and I’m saying this as someone who almost slavishly loves “teh cawk”; but it’s kind of an interesting, streamlined effect.

    And heck, even if he ever wanted/needed a penis again, he can always strap one on. Thousands of transmen can’t be wrong! [though if the eminent stem-cell-robo-clone dongs are on the way, sure sure.]

    What will the world be like when we can just grow replacement parts? Would mods like these cease being on the upper-crust of “extreme”? Fads for going blind or armless?

    Anyway; I’m really into these photos of healed genital mods! Often you see them fresh and for some people it’s hard to think of it bloodless and “happy”. So this little “series” gives the whole heavy genital mod thing some fresh eyes.

  26. Some men have no choice in this due to injury. Their are several options for urination. Remember masculinity or feminity is by far a mental function. Sexual pleasure is always possible and often more thrilling!

  27. Adrian @ 38: People cut off fingers, hands, toes, arms & legs when/if they can due to body dysmorphic disorder – I doubt those folks would seek replacement parts. It’s an intriguing idea, though, that one could lop off limbs as a body mod fad and then get new ones. Hmmmm.

    Oh, and Sean? The word is THEIR. THEIR other parts. THEIR life. “I’m going over THERE to look at THEIR dog.” Just sayin’.

  28. is there a purpose for his balls anymore? couldn’t those be taken off as well or is there too much internal stuff that would have to be taken care of? i imagine all that would have to be taken care of at a hospital.

  29. Wonderful post – I was heading for a similar article which I will probably still write, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it.

  30. Yeah my cousin did something similar with dedicated gay bottom but i still don’t see the reason for it

  31. This is something I aspire to. Mine is kind of pathetically small anyways. Just the idea of being permanently sexually frustrated, constantly hungering for release but never being able to fuck or jerk off is sooooo bizarrely hot. I wish I could find a woman who would like me that way.

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