What anime is this from?


Give up?

You should.

When I saw this cutting, I wanted to post it, but I assumed it was from an anime or something of that nature. Rather than risk upsetting some anime geek like Mason, I wanted to make sure of what it was I was posting, so I checked with the man who did this cutting. It’s not from any anime,  it was drawn (and cut by)  of one of our modblog regulars, Efix Roy and is based on no character in particular.

If you want a cutting done by Efix, he is based out Quebec at D-Markation Tattoo & Piercing.

23 thoughts on “What anime is this from?

  1. Maybe that guy just really was sick of the other nipple getting all the attention so he got this to accent the nipple?

    Either way, looks cool.

  2. dose it matter theres a nipple on this head? lol its still one of the best cuttings ive seen in a while.

  3. so many of these cuttings look excellent when freshly done

    do the wearers are artists have the foresight for how it will look when finished? so few of these cuttings are worth looking at when actually healed.

  4. @Tsarik, I agree completely. However, sometimes these super detailed cutting heal beautifully. Keep your eyes here I am posting a damn fine example of one with fresh and healed pics soon.

  5. What’s the deal with the purple? Is it gentian/carbon transfer or is it tattooed shading?

    The line quality is great in this piece. I don’t know my opinion on the nipple quite yet…

  6. I’m not 100% happy with the nipple thing but that’s how the customer wanted the design placed so I guess it’s alright!
    @Nae: the purple is carbon transfer

  7. That’s really interesting that the purple showed up there – did you plan on doing cross hatching or anything in the shaded areas? It’s kind of playing with my eyes and I’m looking forward to seeing this piece all healed up 🙂

  8. @Nae: yep, I had planned on doing some cross hatching but we ended up leaving it like this. This piece is a few years old, I’ll try to get ahold of the client to take a picture of it.

  9. @ #18

    wow.. looking at the cutting i wouldn’t have eve3r guessed it would heal up this awesomely!

    awesome cutting!

    the pentagram and the clawed hand are my favorite… i love how the raised scar makes it look like the cutting is alive and pushing his way out of the body

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