All the better to see you with my dear!

I love when people get ridiculous tattoos that make everyone ask “What the hell are you gonna do when you’re 80!?”

This is no exception. I’d like to ask Matthew just what would possess him to tattoo hipster glasses on his face but really… who cares? It’s hilarious and it’s not my face!

86 thoughts on “All the better to see you with my dear!

  1. Sooo fucking bad ass! I wonder how well the black will hold out on his nose.

    Shame they didn’t go right behind the ear, you would think for something that facial you would shave some hair and go the extra.

    Glad it’s not my face, but I’m still glad it happened!

  2. High likelihood that this was faked (well) and/or he got paid handsomely for it as part of a marketing campaign (lots of stuff on the guys involved and their history with viral marketing has been dug up and posted other places)

  3. Ugh. that would be awesome if the temples went fully behind the ears…..

    but it just looks horrible and tacky. Don’t even fit the shape of his face correctly….. hurray?

  4. Lizardman, do you think so? I’ll be impressed if its fake… There’s a needle on that bar, and his skins pretty swelly, red and bleeding!

  5. I agree with Diva-D, the glasses aren’t even the right shape! For some reason, when he sat up I thought of Ali G.

  6. 2nd look on youtube and I agree with The Lizard Man!!! Could be fake for sure… He doesn’t look like he is in much pain with a constant dopey smile and there is hardly any redness or swelling once it is done, no black anywhere else on his face either, usually you are smudged with ink after having any tattoo done! His face is too clean!!

    I yell FAKE!!!

  7. Lexci. Have you ever seen anyone give a dry run? You know… with no ink. Still bleeds and makes the skin red. I’ve seen some people in movies take a fire extinguisher to the head until it was caved in. Shit looked realistic. It make some people nauseas… But it was fake. Moooooovie magic.

  8. Anyway I vote fake blood and sharpie. There’s never any proof that the needle actually even touches the skin. shakey camera work AND notice how it gets REAL blurry when they zoom in on the only part of the video that would show the needle tattooing?? eh.

  9. I wanted to die when I saw these pictures online the other day. The blood looks like jelly and he is now making ‘there’s a needle under and inch from my eye’ faces. I’m hoping it’s a fake.

  10. Yeah, watching it again, it could be a hoax… But after some digging online I’ve seen a couple pictures of him a while later with a pretty scabby, red face.
    Definitely possible it’s a dry run, but there’s pigment in the tip… I hope it’s not a fake! It’s stupid rad.

  11. vid doesnt focus on the tattooing long enough to see if its real. keeps cutting and after each cut more is completed. i think it is just pen.

    if it is real than that is a giant fail.

  12. IDK the close up on the the face before it gets pretty shaky, but that’s really puffy.. and Ru correct they could have done a dry run, but there is clearly ink in the tubes reservoir.. Im hoping fake but Im believing it… and the blood in movies doesn’t look anything like real blood, but the blood on his face does have that watery plasma like look to it that you get while tattooing…
    if its a fake shame on me I guess

  13. why would this be considered “dumber” than any other facial tattoo? if its fake, i dont get how this is supposed to get me to buy their product. if its real, im sure he thought long and hard about it before he did it. i have to say that, the end effect, it looks like a mask more than glasses. if you like glasses that much, just wear glasses?

  14. “im sure he thought long and hard about it before he did it” I doubt that. I’m sure RayBan paid him (if it’s real) an arm and leg… and he sold his soul to a company just like any other nit who has tattooed any brand on themselves including cadillac, etc. although the people with cadillac tattooed on themselves are lower than this guy because well, at least this loser got paid. 😉

  15. Whether it’s fake or real, it didn’t even look like it was on straight when he sat up at the end. Nor did it look good. Obviously it’s not going to look like he’s wearing glasses cus they don’t have any distance from his face, it just ends up looking silly.

  16. well, I just hope he never actually HAS to wear glasses or they wont mesh properly, think itll limit the dates he gets?

  17. Facial tattoos fascinate me and maybe one day I’ll have the balls to get some ink on my own face. If this is genuine I admire the guy’s committment, but I don’t much like the design. I hope it’s fake.

  18. Oh no… I’m glad that’s not my face.. I think he thought it would come out a lot cooler than it did / :

  19. It looks more fitting in the pictures. Getting your face tattooed is no picnic, To get dry lined just for fun would really suck haha.He has pretty extensive tattoo work, and the dude seems really happy about it, so I’m happy for him if its real!

  20. Quite frankly I’m waiting for him to say due to a language barrier and falling asleep he didn’t know he was getting fifty some odd stars on his wait that was the last idiot who hadn’t had buyer’s remorse yet, adrenaline is why a lot of people are able to do a lot of things that suck after about 10 minutes

  21. i had a closer look and it isn’t fake i believed so first but having a closer look from 0:50 to 0:55 on the timmer and when you press pause ,you can definitly see blood comming out of the wound … too bad for him

  22. You guys are hatin this dude… Fact is, if it wasn’t for me seeing this today, I probabally would have killed myself with boredem… Hooray for st00pids on teh interwebz.

  23. Maybe we’re all just missing the obvious point, maybe he’s a huge corey hart fan and wants us all to know he wears his sunglasses at night so he can so he can..I forget the rest but I’m sure he’ll know the words soon enough?

  24. No dry wipe, VERY clean gloves in every shot… I’m bummed I didn’t catch it first…

  25. It used to be that BME would publish something crazy and then all the other blogs would copy BME. Now it’s BME doing the copying? I don’t come to BME for old news, and fake news at that, and fake news that fooled the BME “modification experts” at that.

    Lexci and Lily are an embarassment. Bring back Rachel!!!

    Why do I bother? If the new BME likes anything more than lame posts, it’s censoring comments. Boo!

  26. if he was attempting the RayBan look, he failed miserably. he needs to go ahead and fill it all in black. then maybe they’d look like RayBan’s. right now he looks like some fucking dork with giant glasses from the 80′s. if you’re that committed, do everything possible to make it look exactly what you’re going for and he didn’t do that. fake or not.

  27. I saw this originally on while I was giggling at pictures of young peoples wearing large black-framed glasses they didn’t have prescriptions for and men in skin-tight jeans with women’s haircuts and/or mullets and/or ironic mustaches.

    Anyhoo, It would seem that he knows the commitment of such a highly visual tattoo, what with his full sleeves/up to the jaw tattooing. Still, I cringe watching this video. So silly. Forever.

    But to each his own! That’s whats so great about this community, right?

  28. i agree, when i first saw this i thought of the ham burglar. hahahaha. at least we get a good laugh for 2 min. anyway he sould have at least gone all way and go behind the ears.

  29. In my opinion that looks fooking awesome. One ‘ell of a commitment though, good man.

  30. I hope this is fake for his sake. I get why people have facial tattoos, but when people do, its mostly after doing some research and getting something that fits their face etc, something aorund the edges first maybe. But this is like a funny/joke tattoo that people get, gone to extreme.

    If he got paid to do this and its still real I really dont get it, and if its fake, then its a pretty good hoax, but I cant see how this would sell more glasses.

  31. hey rachael, how long are you going to let lexi make bme and its members look stupid???

    everyone everywhere else on the internet, where this has already been for days, knows this is a fake viral video. pretty sad that bme can’t figure that out because they hire retards like lexci to write for the site. what, you couldn’t find anyone qualified so you had to find some pathetic self-promoting bitch that doesn’t know shit about tattoos?

    either update this entry so ya don’t look so dumb, delete it completely, or fire lexi.

    naw, you know what, just censor my comment. that’s what your best at on bme.

  32. I gotta point out that its kind of sad the people who are on IAM or the anons’ that have tattoos and are posting things like “you’ll never get a job” or “you’ll never get taken seriously again”. People get shit like that from everyone else, they really don’t need it from inside the community. As you can see the guy already had pretty much full coverage, doing his face really isn’t going to change anything. And if you don’t think that someone with facial tattoos can be successful, just look at the lizardman. He may be an outlier on that cause but still it shows that anyone whos motivated and smart enough can do whatever they want.

  33. I actually really hope it’s real. So he can learn live regretting it because anyone in their right mind who wold even consider doing this is a total moron. I’m pretty sure it’s not real though.

  34. it’s fake if you already get a tattoo you know that 1 the paper towel have some color from the tattoo in the video no color form the start to the end. 2 you can’t do a complete clean job some ink must go somewhere the guy have all is face clean and i never wash so ….. check it 2 time.

  35. Am I the only one noticing how slowly the needle seems to be moving? Could it have been a small pen attached to the hidden side? I call fake.

  36. cory, while yes, some people can get their hand’s neck, and face tattooed and still do very well, there are alot of not-so-clever people who rush out to get every visable bit tattooed, who then find it hard to get a job, or a decent job that pays well.

    alot of people in the community say that eyeball tattooing is stupid, and im one of them, not puting a damper on anyone that wishes to risk their eyesight, thats up to them, but i think its stupid, just like i think this tattoo is stupid, and why? big glasses on kids who DONT need them is a trend, it will die out, people who do need glasses, wear them, and what style is upto them, but getting glasses tattoed just seams like an idea that sounds better in one’s head, i mean what will happon with a passport photo? thay say no glasses, what is he ment to do?

    a tattoo thats on someones face that looks good, fine, people will atke it or leave it, i have a huge respect for people who do, but kids who get something “funny” tattooed on their face? just seams stupid to me, sorry, but the idea of “being able to do anything we want, and still do what ever job we want” is still faily far off, somepeople seam to think its here now, and go and get hands necks and faces tattooed, before thay evan have a job, or a decent job

  37. If you look closely when it’s finished, it’s not as red and swollen as I would expect facial work to be and I have facial work.

    Also, his eyebrows, they weren’t shaved. I’ve been to artists that have shaved parts of my body in preparation for work and didn’t even realize the tinest hairs reside there, but they insisted on shaving anyway.

    I say Hoax. My opinion.

  38. Gandy, I don’t believe I would catagorize him as a “Kid”.

    I also believe whatever you wish to do with your body, regardless of how “society” or other people feel should be your choice and that it shouldn’t damper your ability to continue to strive to be the best, at work, at school or in general.

    It’s just like saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

    While I feel it’s fine to have an opinion about something you might personally like or dislike, I think a line needs to be drawn when it comes to being downright rude, obnoxious or disrespectful about your own personal opinions.

    If it’s real, awesome. He got a tattoo on his face that it seems from all the pictures, he’s enjoying.

    If it’s a fake, a hoax or a poor marketing stratigy, then boo to you!

  39. cid i tend to call everyone a kid, regardless of age, some people get pissy if i call them girl/boy and evan man/woman, so i just gave up and kid has stuck for a while

    having worked in both a place where body mods didnt matter that much (worked with food so they did matter to a point, but not tattoos) and working where customers could see me, hate to say it but it dose make a difference, people will act differently to someone who has a tattoed face to someone who has tattoos that cant be seen (unless your a striper that is)

    while im not saying visable tattoos WILL stop people from getting jobs or moving up in a company etc, i know someone who worked in one company for years and years, they where happy for him to have his hands and neck tattooed, then bang 8 months ago he lost his job and nobody wants to give him work because of them (and some have evan been blunt and said “nope we dont want you because your neck’s tattooed”

    when it comes to any mod, people will always question that person idea’s good or bad, if thay can be seen, lets face it, im sure weve all seen people question someone whos lets say 19 about their 2″ lobes? atell them they wont get a job, etc blah blah, but yet nobody has or will tell me i cant get work because of the 2″ hole in my balls

    see my point?

  40. I agree as far as opinions go, there is a line that should be drawn when you are telling someone you have NO INFORMATION ON what you think. There is always more to it that you don’t know, unless you are personally involved in the situation. This guy chose something for himself that most of us would probably not do…and that’s fine. It’s not our job to slap him on the hand, or rudely tell him how his life is going to play out now that he’s gotten this modification. It’s not our place. We can have our opinions all we want, but there’s a little thing called ‘manners’, that I think a lot of people forget when in public, and even moreso on the internet.

    As far as getting grief from within the modified community…it’s bound to happen. I’m visibly modified, but I would strongly encourage people who are considering it to think twice, think thrice…hell, think 5,000x before you proceed. You can never be too careful when it comes to permanent modifications to your body. And things that were a non-issue in the first year or five can rear its ugly head and really fuck you later on down the road. You have to be sure you’re strong enough to handle what will come, and be well informed so that you aren’t unpleasantly surprised in the future.

    And getting your hands and neck tattooed is NOT the same as getting your face tattooed. Especially something that spans across the center of your face and is a visually disruptive color like black. Your face is generally the first thing people look at when they talk to you. Things we have on our faces that are out of the ordinary usually draw the eye, and if that thing happens to be a massive joke tattoo…that’s a lot different than having a joke tattooed on your hand or neck, which (depending on your attire) some people may not notice at all. I can’t believe anyone thinks that having your neck tattooed is practically the same. It’s a big step. Don’t discount it.

    It IS pretty funny, though… Hah!

  41. true that hand tattoos and neck tattoos arent the same as having your face tattooed, but have a large-ish penis on one hand and a vagina on the other with “fuck both” across your nuckles is an extra set back he’s having to deal with

  42. Just to clarify…

    I worked for both The Department of Juvenile Justice and The Department of Children and Families and held postions in front of the public eye on a daily basis.

    It’s the strength of the person inside, it’s always been and it always will be.

  43. i hope he doesn’t have a prescription, it’d look odd wearing real glasses over that if anything.

  44. I’m afraid Gandi is right.

    Life is not only, play, I mean you can play with your face, but you must also work, and make a social life, and ask somthing in a public office, and speak with people that you hope listen, and you need at least respect from them ….

    And I think that too lately you realize that you are just a single man … and the society is bigger, and stronger, and dispite you, they think they are right !

    I don’t think that this guy has completely destroyed his future life, however, a litte big stroke …..

  45. I’m not entirely sure what to do with this information. I was reasonably sure that I would never see glasses tattooed on a person’s face. I need to chew this over for a bit hahaha…

  46. it’s just not practical to me, all of my tattoos are somewhat of a novelty and I enjoy them, I didn’t think the swayzaur was stupid I thought that bringing up a tattoo that had been circulating for 4 years as “NEWS” was though… and in my mind “post-it note/to do list” hand tattoo makes more sense than a “rolex wrist watch” tattoo because you can constantly keep the note how you’d like it in another ink but a watch you’d always be wrong with–I dunno..I just think it’ll be awful when he goes to the optomistrist in 10 years and needs to pick out some frames and they don’t fit–I myself cannot get contacts [and for some reason do not trust lasers] I just think it should’ve been mulled over some more…

  47. “Life is not only, play, I mean you can play with your face, but you must also work, and make a social life”

    I don’t consider being in the tattoo industry and aquiring work for well over 14 years “play”.. It’s my life and will continue to be my life until I’m in the grave.

    Again, there has to be some line where manners should come into “play”, even at the smallest level.

  48. @Cid

    “I don’t consider being in the tattoo industry and aquiring work for well over 14 years “play”.. It’s my life and will continue to be my life until I’m in the grave”

    Sorry Cid,

    probably I explaned very badly my opinion: the play I spoke was related to the guy with the glasses tattoo !

    He plays with his face, isn’t it ?

    The meaning of my speech was that the guy could play just as he likes, but I don’t know how people are fit to accept his play, and how much, on the opposite, they are ready to exclude him just for a play (funny for few seconds).

    I hope I’ve written my opinion, but as you surely undesrtand, I’m not of English language (I’m of the place of Valentino Rossi !!!!! Forza Valeeeeeeee !!!)

  49. I hope this hasn’t been said before (I didn’t check ALL comments) but to me this is oviously fake because of one big mistake:

    Look at his gloves while tattooing! They stay clean as if he would change them like every 2 minutes. You see only a little ink when changing scene one time. If that was real the gloves would be all messed up with black ink I think.

    I bet it’s edding plus empty and inked tattoo machine cleverly cut together.


  50. Wow, this is by far the most stupid thing ive seen in awhile…

    I realy hope its fake…

    I like facial tattoos, if they have meaning, and are worked out nice… this is just sad.

  51. Mega lame, instead of posting ignorance get back to posting real body modification? For once, instead of the repeating pretty girls with face piercings…

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