How many licks does it take to get to the subcutaneous layer?

The first time I saw this photo in thumbnail form, I though it was cool. Though at first glance, I failed  to realize he was getting implants in his head, I thought he was just chilling with a lollipop!


Eric certainly looks calm and serene here, sucking on his lollipop while having dermal elevators worked into his noggin.

24 thoughts on “How many licks does it take to get to the subcutaneous layer?

  1. Good picture.
    Maybe it’s a sort of comfort stratagy.
    I know I’d need one if I were to get head implants.
    Is that the Assassin’s Creed logo on his hand?

  2. YAY ERIC!! yes, that’s the assassin’s creed logo. he’s gotten even more tattooing on his hand since. Always excited when i recognize people on here.

  3. You’re silly Jake. Eric’s always so chill when he’s getting modded. I’m jealous.

  4. Is he anaesthatized? If he is, that would dull the pain enough (2%/2% Xylocaine doesn’t completely deaden the pain for me) to be pretty calm about it.

  5. Scott, that is indeed the AC logo on my hand. Nyar, I did have anesthetic. The implant isn’t too visible at the moment, since its so small.

  6. lmao assassins creed logo the ammount of ppl that go man that look sik as a hand tattooo HAHAHAHAH and someone acculey got it lmaoooo hahaha

  7. I’m just wondering, why is it that zero negative comments are tolerated on the BME girls/boys posts, but it doesn’t matter with the other posts? On almost every ModBlog update SOMEONE has something shitty to say. Just wondering. Also, this is a really nice photo. He looks so calm.

  8. Bill – If it was up to me, it would be across the board. People cry about censorship but I just don’t see any need for it. I think blogs like this and internet forums have been destroyed by people who use it as a way to be mean anonymously and I just don’t really see the need to allow it at all. While I fully support freedom of speech, I also think that people don’t need to be allowed to post mean stuff just because they feel it’s their right. There are people that do nothing more than troll blogs and forums posting crap.

    Debate and disagreement is fine but if it were up to me, all the truly negative comments that are nothing more than insults would never see the light of day. Then maybe those people who have nothing better to do than put down strangers for the way they look or the things they do, would find a new hobby… But I’m sure mine is not the popular opinion when it comes to that.

    I’m just tired of all the negativity out there on the internet, I guess.

  9. I couldn’t agree more, Jen. I’m all for freedom of speech and having discussions about other people’s thoughts and views. But, there is a big difference between being tactful with what you say, and being down right mean. Saying ‘oh I’m not a fan of so and so’s tattoo because…..’ is something I’d be more interested in reading. But instead of being more respectful with a real explanation, I’m seeing things like ‘Ew, that person is fat and that tattoo looks stupid because they’re fat’ more and more often. That’s completely unnecessary and insulting. Last I checked this was a community of friends? Don’t know what happened, or if maybe that only applies to iam. Ha ha. Also, it seems as though everyone that has something shitty to say chooses to post anonymously. Funny. I’d post the link to my iam page, but I know I’d get tons of hate mail for just telling it how it is. So whatever. Not worth it.

  10. Also, in my personal opinion this isn’t exactly a matter of censorship. It’s a matter of being polite. No one wants to be told they’re ugly, fat, or whatever else. This is supposed to be about tattoos, piercings, scarification, etc etc. People are mean. I wouldn’t want my photo posted on ModBlog, because I don’t want to be attacked for stupid shit like having dirty fingernails (yes, people were being insulted for their hands and fingernails). People get their feelings hurt really easily by some of the mean things other people post.

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