From The Vault: Mark’s Rotisserie Suspension (Video updated: more footage!)

TSD was the original (modern) suspension crew and a lot of the amazing feats of engineering and artistry the members of TSD and there associates have come up still stand the test of time and many have not been duplicated or surpassed. I was thrilled to see another email from Ron Garza, with a picture, video and story about Mark’s rotisserie suspension circa 2003.


For a video of another one of Mark’s rotisserie suspensions, and to hear Ron tell the tale, keep on keeping on .

The story as told by Ron:

When I was  involved with  the old TSD group back in the mid 90′s most of us back then had our  own individual visions of what suspensions were to us back then. It was a much different  time and suspensions were still relatively a new thing and there wasn’t one way to do anything or  just one mindset as to what suspensions were back then. There wasn’t  really people  doing this everywhere or pictures online to give  people preconceived notions  as to what a suspension were or could be.
The few of us that were into this stuff all talked and  worked together and brought our own individual ideas, thoughts and visions to suspensions. We all differed in that  aspect as well as out reasoning for  being involved  in this.  You  really saw this when you look at we did individually when everyone moved away or did solo stuff and started  their own personal  groups.
Steve  Joyner (  of CoRE fame), with  his excellent use of make up ,costumes,  plots and  show themes really brought  more theatre to suspensions and took the emphasis off the act of suspenions, Allen with  his  intense  solo shows and large group projects, Oliver Gilson whose engineering take on everything has changed not only larger suspension projects and hook designs but also whose rigging style has influenced many and taken suspension rigging into  an artistic realm  that is easily  recognizable.
My whole deal with suspensions has always not only been multi-person suspension projects, but also  high tension kinetic suspensions.  This clip was one of my favorite things we  pulled off.  It was from an early MAYHEM  show in Austin Tx  back in 2003 I want to say.  Mark Rose at the time was one of our hardest  suspension models/hook monkeys  who thrived on being able to take a large amount of intense stuff. This one  threw  him into  shock and broke him. He  still did this 2 more times at least that i can think of. I’m just glad someone had a camera around this time!

This 360 frame was created by Tom Moore  from Steel Fetish.

15 thoughts on “From The Vault: Mark’s Rotisserie Suspension (Video updated: more footage!)

  1. Ah yes, from a time of bad ideas on a night of bad ideas that bad idea was the king! I may have some other pics and video from that night, time to dig through archives…

  2. I was wrong, I don’t have other footage – I have that footage, I shot that. Well, I do also have a 4 second clip of Allen Falkner saying one more time and Mark shaking his head no

  3. I have no idea how I got that footage. Stoked you shot it! I thought it was Gayson or Thom.

    I remember Allen saying that that night as well!

    The rotisserie is David Martinson at the Dallas tattoo convention back in early 2000′s as well.

  4. When I try to view the video I get a message “This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”

  5. I saw a tiny mock-up of this thing. Made of balsa wood and a little paper person inside. It was hilarious.

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  7. awsome vid, look slike alot of fun but alot of work aswell. good on you guys for going through with this suspensions its juts wicked!

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