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  1. The clickthrough is for ModBlog. A lot of people come directly to ModBlog to see the posts. It would be ill advised to click on the main page of BME if NSFW is an issue.

  2. that looks like fun! doesnt look fully erect, but im really curious as to how it would look erect, like a V maybe?

  3. seriously, does he pee from the middle of the 2 now? or… how does that work? is that his penis erect? if not when it is erect does it go back 2gether? i can ask a thousand questions……….. but seriously how does the whole peeing thing work? sitting? standing? squating? one leg up?

  4. To people wondering about peeing : think about some anatomy basis, the penis has been cut right where the urethra is/was. That means… he’s peeing “from the middle”.

    Love this mod, like this cock. Cute and hot :)

  5. I’m not sure what it is, but this bisection is probably the best one I have seen. It looks so symmetrical in the photo as well as fully healed and looks like he took good care of it while healing. I am very impressed in all honesty… And not to sound like a prude, but I’m not somebody who particularly cares for the aesthetic of such extreme mods. This is either the one to change that opinion, or just one that will stand out in my mind and be used to compare further bisections to.

  6. I’m a huge fan of bifurcations! This one is awesome!

    But please… wash your jewelry <3

  7. LOL @ “what’s the point” the desired results are pretty obvious and in this case fulfilled

  8. LOL @ “what’s the point” the desired results are pretty obvious and in this case fulfilled


    Actually, case not fulfilled, on his page it says he regrets it and is looking for a doctor to fix it up….

  9. Looks like it’s a half chub. Looks pretty cool. My question is also how he has sex. Both halves in?

  10. maybe some people need to read up on bisections and then ask questions. it takes maybe ten minutes to research. I’m not trying to be a bitch, but seriously, reading helps. personally, I’m a fan of the subincision. I like girth :)

  11. not usually a fan of these but i think this one does look good. i’m just wondering if it would be possible to get one half hard and not the other. i think that would be an awesome trick, you could then literally have half an erection. am i alone in my thinking?

  12. it scares me and looks something that would climb into my ears at night and eat my brain.

  13. i would love to read an interview with this guy. To go for such an extreme mod and then regret it must be hard, and i’d love to read about his experience and thoughts from start to finish.

    I can’t see his IAM page (I really need to get round to getting one) so I am sorry if things have been explained more there.

  14. firstluff has always inspired me, and i have always loved his bisection too, and am now going down the same road as him with my cock almost split as far as his.

    Mine split is still healing, but i love the new look and feel.
    As for sex, well i’ve yet to find out, but both halves still get erect and i have heard that putting a condom on both will hold them together for penetration.

    As for jacking off, i can now choose which one i want to use, i can stroke just the left, or just the right side, this takes longer because you only get half the stimulation, so if i want to cum quick, i take both together in one hand, or one half in each hand!

    it is not possible to get only one side hard but not the other unless you tie off one side to stop blood getting in.

    Peeing is pretty obvious, as the urethra is split down the middle, leacing the meatus at the base between the two cocks, so easier to pee sitting down, but that dose not bother me or many other subincised/ bisected guys.

  15. Wow! I literally stared open mouthed at this for ages! This totally tops all body mods I’ve ever seen, even the skin corset girls ^_^

    Can he use both for sex tho???

  16. I wish I could make him “not regret it”….and by that I mean have lots of hot sex, heh. But it sucks if he does, that’s why a lot of “big changes” to people’s bodies usually take a lot of slow time and consideration [I'll say as a trans* person, I get a slight sour look on my face knowing I could get plastic surgery or a shit ton of piercings/tattoos if I had the money, without having to talk to a psychiatrist for 15 sessions minimum just to take cross-sex hormones. People often make huge changes to their bodies that they may later regret, but gender can't be put in the same arena?]

    Anyway, enough blather; this is a nice bisection on a nice cock. I approve!

  17. @ #19, i didn’t mean that i thought this guy was fuifilled as a human being. i just meant that the technical execution of his bisection was well in line with the perceived goal of such a procedure. i’m not entirely sure that any kind of body modification can really bring you happiness or fulfillment. in my opinion mods should be done as an expression (of happiness) rather than a means toward and end. i don’t change my body to change who i am, i change my body so that it more accurately expresses who i am.

  18. o my god….i dont anderstud this?!?! why he do that to himself?…..does he have a girl????? this is bizzare….. :/

  19. I really admire your dedication to your modifications, I mean, I’m in a bad mood if my stretch is irritating :P

    But I just don’t get the ‘why’ and ‘how’ in this story =s

    Like, HOW do you have sex with this penis??

  20. I love this cock, not feeling the crusty jewelery but loving this ;-) mmmm yummy yummy!

  21. If I Found Out After The Fact That It Will No-Longer Get Hard; I’d Be Looking For a Doc To Fix It. I Rather Have One Hard Worker Than Two Light- Workers.

  22. well thanks for all the comments and a a few answers to the questions.
    Repairing was an option I looked into at the request of a person who was interested in starting a relationship (long term). As it turns out the relationship did not work out (and not because of the mod but other relation type issues) and I have re-connected with my original spouse of many years who enjoys the mod and is not really interested in getting everything “normal” again. I still need to update my IAM page.
    Sorry on the jewelry, those were very new piercings and that was the normal “crusty” a new piercing gets several times a day. I’ve been piercing for many many years and my jewelry does not get dirty or neglected (I agree big YUCK!) under normal circumstances.
    Yes, both halves get hard and with a little work (holding the two halves together) full penetration does happen. Partner likes the added girth. Now I’m 53 so hard-on’s themselves come and go while having sex so in order to enjoy it for an hour or so we bounce around form regular fuck, finger and tongue fun, toys and whatever else gets us happy. If all you are interested in is sticking in your dick and a few thrusts before you cum (never mind your partner’s enjoyment) then you probably don’t want a mod of any type. Sex is not just a fuck and done, but ideally a few hours of sensual fun and enjoyment by both parties.
    Anyway thanks again for the nice stuff and the questions, basically I do still enjoy it as is and may be making further changes in the future. My best to you all

  23. very nice, still bouncing between cock head removal and bisection myself. have had a full subincision for many years now

  24. I’m enjoying all the “why” and “whats wrong with him comments” ….it sounds like theres a lot of people who are just getting into modblog just now.

  25. looks awesome. and thanks, firstluff, for coming in and clearing things up a bit. glad that you’re happy. :)

  26. i believe, he has cut a little bit to much at the time or to deep: so is the inner site shrunken and shorted.
    i prefer to cut in little steps with healing under stretching the fresh wound for good long and straight cock halfs!!!

  27. HI Jack. not so much as too much cut but just the methods and experience when the first cuts were done (that is when the shrinkage happened) but I am pretty happy the way mine are turning out, no regrets. :-).

  28. I find this very sexy! I’m in the starting stages of a bisection myself .Might not be something for everyone,but I can see why guys who have this sort of thing are generally pretty glad to have done it! Feels awesome to touch BTW!:)

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