The best of the best

At the Dallas Suspension Practitioners Convention, where the best of the best  in the suspension community work together, you get to see the best of modern suspension rigging.

Take this photo Jared submitted for instance. The most noticeable variation of the rigging is the catch cups. How many times have we seen tandem suspensions done that took no precautions to reduce the risk of the lower suspendee being contaminated by the upper suspendee? These catch cups may not 100% isolate the lower suspendee from risk of contamination but they certainly lower the risk factor to a far more acceptable level.

The cord I am assuming is tech-12, (feel free to correct me if you were there and I am wrong on this) which has a ridiculously higher breaking strength than the 550 cord most suspension teams still use. Then there are the hooks, these particular hooks are made by Black Sheep Hooks and are an 8 gauge locking design with a higher breaking strength and the added  safety factor of it being a locked design when compared to the mustads, which are far more commonly used. Then, of course, there is also an assortment of locking carabiners and high rated shackles.

If you want to keep up with the latest and greatest in suspension techniques and equipment, be sure to check out the SusCon picture recently uploaded to this gallery , and also read up on the forums at


12 thoughts on “The best of the best

  1. catch cups aren’t quite something new… they’ve been used in the past, good to see them making a come back.

  2. is it me or is there just something so awe like about his expression and the way he has his hands on the other guys head…just looks so moving

  3. I’m pretty sure those cups are CoRE’s, who’ve been using them since 2001.

  4. Patricia, those ones do belong to CoRE. This was definitely an AWESOME suspension. Under Neil was a pendulum. He’s always doing something unreal. SusCon was great :)

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