Jen Kristoff, Guess What?

Right now, I have a young lady from Massachusetts with me trying out for a piercing apprenticeship. She said she really liked the “Guess What?” features I do on modblog. I explained to her that I certainly wasn’t the one to come up with the idea, but I do like doing them as well. Since she has done such a delightful job of cleaning up the shop and other miscellaneous task while she was here, I am dedicating this post to her.


For the answer you seek, keep on keeping on.


Genitals, it’s almost ALWAYS genitals. Modblog readers know that by now. These particular genitals acquired their odd appearance by a play session with some string. This could be some sort of bondage play or even temporary chastity play, I am not entirely sure because the picture had no info attached.

28 thoughts on “Jen Kristoff, Guess What?

  1. you can tell they were genitals from the start by their strange genital-like flesh. 🙂 it’s softer than what you find on more visible areas. hahaha

    keep em comin!

  2. Happy to see my genitals on Guess What? I use thin fishing line to get the results. I will keep watching Guess What? to see if they may appear in some other form that I have done. Thanks.

  3. …Why? I consider myself reasonably open minded, but I can’t understand why the hell anybody would do this to himself. If he’s into pain play, I get it – there are plenty of ways to mess around with sensation or lack thereof without creating something quite so visually hideous… Honestly, does anybody find that physically attractive or appealing? Even the person who has chosen to do this? (Serious question, not rhetorical – I’m genuinely curious as to this guy’s motivation)

  4. this reminds me of that animated .gif where the anime chick gets sliced up when the razor wire that she’s wrapped in gets a little tug.

  5. Genitals as always. Wait. Is the string still on there or are they just chillin’ like that? O.o

  6. @Elena Comment #9: I can only guess because i am not Erebli but i assume he more than likely enjoys both the sensation and look of what he does otherwise he wouldn’t do it. It should not matter what motivates a person to do any for of mod (temporary or more perminant) to their body, it should only matter that they enjoy what they are doing.
    Anybody that has any negative criticism about any type of mod, they should look at it as educational and a peice of art.
    Even if you personally wouldn’t do this to yourself you should at least admire Erebli for his courage to post such personal pictures.
    @Kat Comment #15 If you look closely enough you can see the string dangling to the right of the pic.

  7. @ #2 ……*sigh* I hate to agree with you but I do…..I’ve seen entirely too many genitals. lol.

  8. Thank you PiercedEm, comment #18. Your comment is EXACTLY right.

    I do consider what I do as Art. I very much enjoy the sensation and look, and always strive for better looks. Like any artist, I want as many persons to view my photos and videos and enjoy them as much as I do. I was very pleased to see my photo here on Guess What?

    Thanks for all the comments.

  9. this is the best Guess What in a LONG TIME. I had no idea! well, theyre almost always genital in some way, so i didnt know past that. haha.. this is a great one.

  10. I don’t find this so strange considering I do this to my fingers with string all the time, haha.

  11. NO, thank you Erebli for being so open and sharing!
    I just get so sick of everyone being so negative and judgemental about other people.
    We are who we are and do things because we want to.
    Sometimes people can make you feel as if they are trying to almost control what you do to your own body by the negative comments and judgements they make.
    I honestly don’t care what people think of me or what i do anymore (nothing more than a few tattoos and about 28 piercings), i have grown out of worrying about other people’s views about me and as long as you are happy doing what you do then that is all that should matter in the end.
    I am also sick of people viewing pierced/tattooed/modified (temporary or permanent) people as ‘freaks’ or having something mentally wrong with them.
    If people (those that are negative and judgemental) actually got to know modded people they would realise that we are human and are normal (mostly), but people judge by looks these days all too often, they just don’t realise that we (modded people) choose to use our bodies as a canvas and as a tool to show what pleases us and makes us happy and show how we want to adorn our boddies.
    I have recently become friends with a few heavily modified people on facebook and reading their posts and profiles and looking at their pictures proves that they are human and do normal things, most of their posts have to do with their lives (what foods they are eating, movies they have seen, sports they are enjoying) and have nothing to do with their mods.
    Look behind the mods and you will find a real person (not a ‘freak’ or someone with a mental illness), i guess it all comes back to the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.

  12. Thank you Jen for the link to Erebli bonus gallery. I’m AMAZED–WOW! The picture here is nothing compared to what he has done. I wish I knew him. I certainly wouldn’t be winding string around MY finger!

  13. No problem. Erebli is a really nice/friendly guy who has been contributing to the site for some time. If ever there was anyone who welcomed questions and discussions it is him, so by all means, if anyone is curious feel free to ask and I would hope that everyone who does post can show him some respect. This is a body modification site after all.

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