RIP Liberty

Today, I read the sad news that IAM member rebekahsXrevenge succumbed to her long time battle with cancer. I did not know her personally, but she meant a lot to several people  on here and she was a valued member of this community. From what I have read, she seemed like an amazing, strong and inspiring person that any of us would have been lucky to know.

She left behind her husband wmassXedge, as well as countless friends and family, please keep them all in your thoughts.


If anyone who knew her personally cares to share anything, please feel free to do so.

31 thoughts on “RIP Liberty

  1. I was just reading her story earlier this week after member of the community posted about her condition worsening.

    A truly beautiful and strong soul to have to deal with cancer at such a young age.

    My heart goes out to her husband and family.

  2. She and I had a lot of conversations — being an EMT was one of her dreams, and I always admired her courage to continue to just have a life of some sort while fighting her cancer. For some people, the cancer consumes them; I believe that until the end, she was much bigger than her disease. She rocked. My thoughts are with her family, and the community that mourns her.

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Liberty for the first time about 12 years ago at my old shop in Connecticut. Her complete beauty shined through more immediately and obviously than with anyone I’d met. I’m honored to call her a friend……the most courageous, affectionate, considerate, and comforting smiles i’ll ever and always know. I offer all my peace on your day of rest, Libs.

  4. Did not know her personally but I know about cancer and you need to be strong when dealing with it. From what I’m reading she touched many lifes and never have up. My thoughts and prayers go out to her,her family and friends.

  5. Pretty lady, and scene-stealing dog. Sorry for the loss. She looks like a wonderful memory to have for those that she touched.

  6. very sad. RIP. It sucks to look at all the happy wedding photos on his and her page and know that it ended in such a way.

  7. Just from looking at her page you can see she fought right until the end. My thoughts go out to her husband and family.

  8. What a beautiful girl. Looking at her page actually brought tears to my eyes. My heart truly goes out to her husband, family, and friends.

  9. I knew Libby for many years via IAM. We connected through our shared cancer experience. She was a wonderful friend when I lost two very close friends in high school, and then my father a few years ago, all to cancer. The world will be a little darker without her. My thoughts to her wonderful husband

  10. Wow.. what a sad day.. and a real loss…
    She was an amazing person who made me take a look at my life and realize how amazing life can be.
    Im so sad to hear this.. She made me step out of my reality and made me appreciate my life… So young, so sad..
    My heart and thoughts go out to her friends and family

  11. My love to all the friends, family and most of all her husband, such a tragic loss to both them and the community.

  12. that’s terrible. both her and her puppy are pretty. i just found out my puppy has cancer and about a week to live :’( i hope her family and friends are able to remember her well. my heart goes out to them.

  13. i hardly think your puppy having cancer compares to losing a community member to the disease. have some respect.

  14. Shoe, many people consider their dogs as part of their family and it does compair. I hardly saw that as a disrespectful comment.
    I didn’t know her, but my condolences go out to her family and friends.

  15. Liberty was the most beautiful person I have ever met inside and out. I feel sad for all of the people who did not have the fortune of knowing her. It is terribly painful for all of us who knew and loved her but in our sadness the beauty of who she is and all of our wonderful memories shall prevail. Her husband is a genuinely wonderful person and deserves all of our love and support. If I could be a 10th of the person she was I would feel blessed. She will be truly missed.

  16. I met Libby a few years back now. I had the pleasure of being pierced by her husband, and we only spoke a few words. But I knew the hardships she has faced in life. What a strong, kind, and beautiful young woman. My heart goes out to your loved ones.

  17. 2010 has been a thug, swinging boots & elbows & it seems no one is escaping without a serious beating. I knew it would be a season of change, but didn’t know it would be so negative.

    Serious prayers & love to the family, mourn her well.

  18. im so very sad to hear this…i never knew her, but i had been to her page a number of times years ago, and remembered her, and her fight. my thoughts are with her family and loved ones.

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