One fish, two fish. Red fish, blue fish.

The lovely Ms.Book uploaded this picture yesterday and I couldn’t get it onto ModBlog fast enough.  The piece, by Damian Campagnaro, is still in process, but the photo is incredible.  I’m actually just going to leave it here for you to enjoy.  No witty commentary, just a fantastic picture.


If you have some time today, check out the Wildlife and Nature tattoo galleries.  There’s a lot of brilliant images in there.

16 thoughts on “One fish, two fish. Red fish, blue fish.

  1. Am I just deviant minded or does the fish in her armpit resemble a penis? Hot chick, hot pic!

  2. I love the eyebrows! I tried to do that to match my blue hair once by rubbing eyeshadow into them…did not work so well…Awesome hair and awesome blue tattoos :)

  3. i’m a big fan of this type of mono-chromatic color scheme, with different shades of the same color. not to mention she’s very attractive.

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