Oh, I see what you did there!

The dynamic duo of Mr. Decker and Miss. Nae are back on ModBlog with an interesting look into Nae’s hand implants that you may have seen before.

It seems Nae was in a bit of a fender bender the other week, and while she is fine, she did get a few x-rays taken just to be on the safe side.  Now I know we’ve all seen images of mods appearing in x-rays before, but I think this is the first time (at least that I could find) where a large silicone implant came up so noticeably in the image.


I guess this really does prove that over time Brian can really get under your skin, and stay there.  I kid of course, otherwise Brian’s better half will come knock on my door and kick my ass.

Anyway, I’m always intrigued as to what the doctors say after looking at an x-ray and someone’s mods show up.  Anyone have any good war stories from the ER?

18 thoughts on “Oh, I see what you did there!

  1. Having interned at a radiology department I can tell you it’s not people with body mods that bother them rather people who leave on bras, they hate that

  2. Just having to tell some uptight male radiologist that I had multiple piercings in my whoo hoo and that I had no means of removing them without proper tools… Good news they didn’t need to be removed for the CAT scan, but it wasn’t fun having to tell him and him give me such an odd look.

  3. I got called back up by the Army to go to Iraq, So I removed all of my piercings like a good little soldier (put them back in later, when I found that noone in the unit cared) but the one thing I couldn’t remove was my split tongue.
    One of the stations I had to go through both pre- and post-deployment was dental. In one case the dentist was an old Colonel, who’s only question was “didn’t that hurt?” and the post-deployment dentist called 3 other people into the room to look, and asked me how i did it (which lead to explanations of the tie-off method).

    My nipple piercings did show up in a recent x-ray, but the radiologist didn’t say anything.

  4. The whole ER story was actually pretty special. When I came into the ER there was a girl with the most irritated cheek piercing I’d ever seen (and I think I’ve seen a lot…). She and I got called back to urgent care at the same time and were in beds next to each other. The nurse came to talk her first to get the story and she said that her cheek piercing had started embedding in her cheek and she couldn’t feel the back, so the jail gave her antibiotics for the ‘infection’ that was starting. The nurse thought it was just a straight bar and was saying she was going to try to just pull it straight out. I yelped out ‘No! There’s a disk on the back!’ and because the girl didn’t seem to know much of anything about her piercing, I came over to translate between her and the nurse for about ten or fifteen minutes. The nurse saw my hands and started asking questions, then saw my surface anchor on my throat and couldn’t stop. She went back to the nurse’s office and called the doctor who she was consulting with and my dad and I could hear her saying, “There’s a girl here with silicone implants in her hands who’s really cool, you need to come meet her and talk to her” and it was honestly quite flattering to hear medical professionals seeing me as more than just a kid who survived an accident and is covered in tattoos and other mods and recognizing that I know how to heal and troubleshoot some piercing related issues that they hadn’t encountered before.

    When I went to the lab for X-rays, the two technicians and the radiologist were asking lots of questions about my hands. I let them squeeze and play with the non-injured hand and they were fascinated! It was a really cool experience. I’m glad that I survived and it just goes to show that for every low, there is a high :)

  5. i dont have any wild mods but when i was in labor with my second son (who is now almost 4 weeks) after my labor my midwife said “let me take a look at these tattoos and piercings” i thought it was really cool, she was an older woman with gray hair. most the other ones i had appointments with would say “did that hurt” or my favorite “why on earth would you do that to your body?” ( i had met my midwife that day, My husband is army so you usually never lay eyes on any doctor/midwife before they deliver your child).

    It was refreshing to meet an older southern woman outside of my family who enjoyed my tattoos and didnt have a negative comment. she also commented that i have a very high pain tolerance (i had both my children with no drugs) then laughed and said “well i guess i should have expected that from all the tattoos”

  6. I got rushed into hospital with a severe asthma attack last year and had to have a chest x-ray. The doctor found my nipple piercings funny!

  7. My orthopeadic surgeon thought i was lying to him about having been in traction when he caught sight of my knee suspension scars. We had an argument over it, as if i didn’t know if i had ever been in traction before!

  8. Went to the dentists a while ago and the dentist decided she wanted an x-ray of my head. When the x-ray came out she had a bit of a puzzled look on her face and decided now was an appropriate time to ask to remove my facial piercings…. needless to say she made me take out the all piercings (eyebrow, 3 stretched lobes, double septum, snakebites, labret) then proceeded to charge me for an extra ‘un-tainted’ x-ray.

  9. When I broke my jaw, for the x-rays, I had to take all of my piercings out, and I had a lot at the time.. try getting cheek piercings out with a broken jaw! They almost had to be cut out and the technician was all bitchy because it was taking me so long to get them out.. uhh, sorry, I can barely open my mouth! My jaw IS broken! Luckily when I got to the surgeons office, all of my piercings were out, and he was very patient with me and I was freaking by that point because I had never broken a bone before..
    My dentist doesn’t really care about piercings.. my oral surgeon loved my split tongue, and so have all of my dentists.
    I had a chest x-ray done and had to take off my bra, but she didn’t care about my (at the time) 6ga nipple piercings. I told her before the x-ray..

  10. I’ve had to remove all of my facial and nipple piercings for both of my surgeries and for most of my x-rays. When I had oral surgery for my wisdom teeth my 3/4 ” silicone tunnels in my lobes are floating on the sides of my head in my films.

    The first surgery I had the nurses laughed when I asked for one of the sterilized peepee cups to put my jewelry in while I was under the anesthetic. The moment I was semi-awake and in my room I started putting the jewelry back in and the nurse came to check on me later and stared at me and asked with a laugh if “I’d had those when I’d come back from surgery?” Sweet lady that was just a bit confused by all the sudden metal in my face.

    I fractured my ankle last year and had to remove my piercings again for surgery – just in case. I’m now the owner of my most extreme mods than I’ve had before…two screws holding my talus together. The surgeon was really excited to let me take pictures of those x-rays!

  11. I went through heart catheterization with my nipple rings intact. The cardiologist was really professional and couldn’t have cared less. I did get a few questions from nurses like “do those earings in your nipples come out?” and “is that a sexual thing?”

  12. Not from the ER bad I’ve had a couple of unpleasant comments from gynecologists over the years, everything from them telling me how much bacterias “those things” (genital, or maybe piercings in general?) gather and how much trouble it will give me, to “take that shit out”. I’ve never had any problem related to it but it’s like the second they see it they forget all about my real reasons for being there and just rage about it. The result of course is that nowadays I always take it out before visiting any gyn. Its sad how those people, being doctors after all, don’t know more about it..

  13. My last mammogram was done with my (2g) nipple jewelry in. I have some really amusing pictures of them. Fortunately I have very mod-friendly medical professionals that take care of me.

  14. not from the ER, but at the dentist i was told to remove my nostrils, lips, and labret for x rays. So i thought id have some fun and leave my septum in flipped up, smiley, and tongue web :D they werent happy…

    also when I got x rays for my back they knew about my nipples but couldnt understand why a guy has 5 navel piercings….haha

  15. i had to take out my belly button “project ” when i had my tubes tied a few months ago because the cut made inside of my naval. no big deal.
    a few years ago i was being admitted to a psych ward and they made me take all of my metal out, (for safety reasons?) and when i couldnt take a CBR out of my labia with out making the nurse panic, she called someone else in and forced some sort of medical tool to cut it.. i have had Dr’s bitch about my “nasty tats”

  16. I used to wear those hideous corrective shoes cause one of my legs is longer than the other, and they were never really sure if it was structural or muscular. Anyway I got a bunch of xrays after a (tiny) car accident. I took out all the piercings I could but I have three hip transdermals, originally four one rejected.
    Anyway when the xrays came back it was fine but you can clearly see my pelvis is really tilted (hence short leg) but my piercing are PERFECT thank you slave to the needle! It was so hilarious watching his face scrunch up as he titled his head at the piercings. He must have been pretty conservative because he analyzed the whole xray before asking about them.
    It’s uber unfortunate when doctors are assholes, especially about that. But they have a very skewed perspective since they don’t typically encounter healthy piercings. Think of the volume of people pumped through an ER they’ve probably treated so many seriously infected mods and piercings. I feel like if I’d see a-hundreds of disastrous piercings or b-one seriously neglected and rotting home done piercing by and idiot and is never had one myself I’d think it was crazy too.

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