To protect the world from devastation…

…to unite all peoples within our nation.

A few weeks back I featured an excellent scarification piece of a Pokemon by the name of Ninetails.  After seeing so many people chiming in on their love of all things Pokemon, I knew it was only a matter of time that I’d see more Pokemon related images in the galleries.  What I wasn’t expecting was this image sent in by IAM: Dead Filmaker.


As the self-professed “biggest nerd ever!”, Dead Filmaker had these implants inserted underneath his Pokeball tattoos a mere 5 days before attending the 2010 National Pokemon Championships.  I can only imagine how fun it must have been to have Brian insert the one closest to his wrist from an opening up by the elbow.  Not seeing any other sutures I’m assuming that they were all done using the same point of entry.

Now I’ll admit I was never a huge fan of Pokemon, at least nowhere near as big a fan as Mr. Filmaker there, but I did enjoy the games and show.  I only had the original gameboy game, so I never got to see Team Rocket appear in the games, but Jesse and James were easily the best thing about that show.  It’s a shame they always failed so spectacularly, the show would have been so much better if they had won much more often and Ash and co. were the ones screwing up trying to get their Pokemon back.

You can check out more photos like this, including more work by Mr. Brian Decker, in the 3D implant gallery.

24 thoughts on “To protect the world from devastation…

  1. why don’t brian use cosmetic inner stitch for suturing?

    implants are awesome :))
    but as for me, i’d prefered to set there smaller halfbeads to get ‘em fully coverred with pokeball tattoes.
    but it is just mine opinion.

  2. Wow! I’m nowhere near as big a Pokemon fan as Dead Filmaker, but I have to say, these are some pretty impressive and original mods. I’m glad we got to see the suture before it healed in the pics as well!

  3. yay on modblog!!! thanks every one for the kind words i am going to snap some more photos now that they are a few months healed and looking super awesome!! i love them so much!!! also brian did do internal sutures as well as about 5 external ones just in case and it really helped reduce the scaring =)

  4. Hey, I have a pokéball tattoo too. Never sent you guys it though…
    Still, I don’t have six. You are awesome sir.

  5. agree with 1. smaller would look 100% better so the pokeball tattoos would be snuggly around the implants 🙂

  6. i wonder how the tattoos and implants line up after healing. i imagine they’d be a bit swollen at this point, with fresh stitches?

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