Accentuating Beauty

Occasionally I’ll get a message from someone requesting their image be posted about on ModBlog, but every once in a while I’ll get a note from someone requesting someone else’s photos be posted.  Well, thanks to IAM: MoseZ, he was able to point out a couple of pictures in the galleries that I had skipped over.

IAM: Jay-Z has sent in quite a few images over the past couple of months, and each one is better than the last.  This first image appeared in the galleries back in June, and it gives us a sneak peek at this beautiful woman.


What MoseZ pointed out, and what I agree with completely, is that her mods really accentuate her beauty. Aesthetically the piercings and tattoos seem like a natural extension of herself.  So while she may have been attractive before getting tattooed and pierced, it seems like adding the mods is like putting the rest of the pieces back into place.  An unfinished puzzle that needed completion.  But of course, beauty is subjective.  The things one person may see as attractive, another person may see as ugly.  It all depends on our own personal perspectives in life to determine what we find pleasing to the eye.  You may not agree with MoseZ and I in that her modifications accentuate what she already had, but what I think we can all agree on is that the piercings and tattoos are very well done, and she is comfortable with how she looks.  Which is really the most important factor in all this.  Sure people pass judgments on others all the time based on their appearance, but what matters most is how we feel about ourselves, and doing what we feel is important to our bodies to attain the external vision that we wish to project.

What do you think?  Do modifications accentuate what is already there, or are they just a natural extension of a person, to be seen as part of the whole?  Or do you think something else?

I’ve added a couple more images after the break which should give you an idea of how the rest of her looks.



Just at a glance I can see both stretched lobes and large gauge cartilage, large labret, medusa, septum and notstrils, and of course the facial tattoos.  The man responsible for the medusa is IAM: Bhaileon aka Cheyne Truitt.

23 thoughts on “Accentuating Beauty

  1. Her name is Zee but I don’t know her Iam, but she works at Cape Fear Piercing, Inc. I saw her on the cover of APP this summer too.

  2. her mods look great on her

    @MoseZ that’s what it looks like to me (multiple rings in one hole)

  3. @gogo: THANK YOU! Seriously, I typed in every variation of Jay-Z into the search box but nothing came up. I guess I didn’t think of using caps.

  4. There’s so much there but its all done so tastefully and nothing looks out of place or distracting is anyway. perfection

  5. im going to go ahead and answer your questions. yes tattoos and piercings extend the features of the human form, through placement of metal or tattooed lines and colours. body modification is an external adaptation of our needs to express our selves and our bodies.

  6. i have recently read through anthropology of body modification and studied up on the art and history tattoos
    and i find that now a days still heavily modified human beings are some what treated as primitive or misjudged just not by there ethnicity but by ones own body art. i hate to say this but i was watching tv and slumdog millionaire came on and my mother spoke out “that is one to miss” why because she has a dislike for western cultured nations peoples due to their stereotypical labels as terrorists, i explained to her not all westerners are likw this but some are, and is was just a movie but her overall reaction towards western culture seemed immature. but back to body modification some people who don’t understand sometimes but almost always become negative to their judgement towards western influenced traditions, being those tattooed and practice modifications included into their cultures.

  7. do people believe that love and beauty is now only skin deep? or are people still attrated to likeminded culturally equal people?

  8. hey guys! as for my septum…it it one stretched piercing. it’s stretched to a 4g but 4g jewelry looks silly on my tiny little face. i’m a little embarrassed by the last photo…i think i look terrible. i’ll have to send in some better ones and hopefully have them re-modblogged 🙂 thanks to all for the nice comments…they’re good for my self esteem 🙂 oh, and yes i have an iam page: iam jay-z

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