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The last time a lip corset was shown on ModBlog was back in 2007.  There may have been one since then, and I’m sure if there has someone will find it, but it definitely seems to be a rare type of corsetry.  BME user DivaPayyne sent in this image of her lip corset recently.  Stylistically, the pink ribbon combined with the pink hair gives her an almost doll-like quality.


The different types of interpretations that a lip corset can bring about are interesting.  Historically, the corset was used by women to force their bodies into a desired shape in order to satisfy the societal demands that were imposed on them.  Nowadays corsets are used for a variety of different uses, some stylistically, some for fetishists, others for practical use, and so on.  When it comes to corset piercings, the aesthetic of the corset is combined with the classical usage of a corset.  The idea of binding.  Now of course this doesn’t apply to all corset piercings, but there are some that do emphasize the constricting nature of a corset.  When this is applied to the lips, you get a sense that the woman’s lips are binded in a way to prevent her from speaking out past what is expected of her.

One of the most important aspects of a corset piercings is the process, putting in the piercings, stringing them together, and the eventual release and removal of the corset.  So while from an outsiders point of view we see the mid point of the process, the corset in place, for the people getting them it is much more than that.  Looking back on this individual image, DivaPayyne’s lips are bound together, but at some point, with the tug of a string, she will be free of her bindings and able to speak again.

As always you can check out more corset piercings in the corset gallery, where in addition to this particular lip corset, there are a great deal more images that show just how creative people can be when it comes to creating a corset.

9 thoughts on “Hold that thought

  1. FUCK YES BRITTANY!!!!! i know her!!!….she’s an amazing person & modification artist………and one helluva ganja gurlll…………CONGRATS BURT!!!! much luv :)

  2. how awesome…she didnt even know she got featured today….until me and my bro went down to her shoppe to show her the good news…..and of course whilst i was there…..i had to get an electro cautery branding from DivaPayyne the gal in this pic……man what an awesome day……….congrats again burt………..she’s so kick ass!!!!

  3. Another look at corsets in history- as a means of birth control! It was quite acceptable for a wealthy women to refuse to give birth so she would not loose her tiny waist! (according to a bbc doco on the history of Viennese society)

  4. all of those super small gauge piercings make me cringe with the thought of a slight tug tearing them out. ouch.

    and in defense of the poster that mentioned the photo being washed out with flash, i can say that i used to have the same problem. shooting your own photos and being super pale isn’t easy. basically, using a flash is pretty much never a good thing.

  5. Flash takes away the blemishes, of course.

    This article would have been a lot more interesting if it contained the word “infibulation” – which is what this really is, a binding of an opening. Corseting is the binding of a solid piece of flesh, infibulation is the sealing of the lips (either set) and occasionally the eyes, though that’s not really an opening. There’s a lot more behind the concept of infibulation, which has a lot of history with it, than there is for “lip corseting” which sounds like something completely made-up.

  6. what a cutie! im a sucker for girls with pink hair anyways but i love the combo of piercings shes got, especially the three microdermals in a row on her cheekbone-frames her face very nicely =) the mouth corset looks sweet too!

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