Did someone call for more BMEGirls?

Well if nobody did, too bad, you’re getting more anyway!  This time we’ve got two beautiful BMEGirls to close out the week.

First up is Shanna, who we first saw a couple of weeks ago.   This time around she’s showing off her kitty, as well as giving us another great look at her tattoos and piercings.

Next up is a photo sent in by justaburde, crediting Kevin Kusulas as the artist for what I’m assuming is the shoulder tattoos.

16 thoughts on “Did someone call for more BMEGirls?

  1. I can’t help but feel that the second photo would work better with either a top on or no bra, but she’s really fucking adorable regardless. first one is lovely also.

  2. How awesome is that! I know the second girl, I used to go to school with her. Her lobes are VERY impressive and she really is fuckin’ gorgeous. I also loveeeeeeeee her necklace.

  3. The 2nd chick is gorgeous! I just can’t help but feel like…ugh…why the grungy bra? That necklace is badass though.

  4. The first article on Shanna talked about “smiling with your eyes”, and I thought it was funny because she was barely smiling (many models prefer to look “fierce” and big smiles don’t always help with that). justaburde, however, has smiling with your eyes down pat. THIS is what happens when you smile without worrying about looking like a model… and you end up looking beautiful and joyful. Shanna is very pretty, too, but seems less… enthusiastic? Nice pairing of two lovely ladies!

  5. To the people talking about her bra, I’d take it was an impromptu shoot judging on the quality, setting and composition. She looks radiant.

  6. @ Holly: then why not crop the bra out if it doesn’t add to the picture and it wasn’t placed intentionally in the photo? Just because something accidentally ends up in a photograph doesn’t mean it makes it more meaningful or aesthetically appealing to just lazily leave it in…especially when it’s a grungy bra.

  7. wikkedwerkz – Smiling with your eyes is just that, showing the joy in your eyes, not your mouth. She doesn’t need to be smiling with her mouth to “smile with her eyes”. Or “smize” as Tyra Banks calls it…

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