She wears her sunglasses at night…

…so we can drool over her.


All I know is that the submitter is sheis, the sleeve artist is Alex from Freres Dencre, in Trois Rivieres, and that I would gladly chop off a limb for the chance to meet her.

I also know now what I’m asking from Santa for christmas.

13 thoughts on “She wears her sunglasses at night…

  1. Oh hey! Check it out, the little lady that gets the EXACT same tattoos as other people on modblog. Haven’t seen her on here in a few years, but I won’t forget when I saw the rebel rebel tattoo on here and everyone thought it was mine. Glad I learned my lesson about posting pictures of my tattoos.

  2. Oh man, that sucks… i made the mistake of agreeing to have my chestpiece photographed at a tattoo convention, it ended up in East Coast Ink & yep, about 6 months later there was a girl sporting my chestpiece (only a very shitty version of it – no GOOD artist would replicate someone else’s custom drawn art).

    Is the “rebel! rebel!” a Cockney Rejects reference?

  3. I’m all into girls, but she is not the cutest girl I’ve seen this week on bmezine, let alone hot stuff to ask santa for
    rebel rebel is bowie, is it not?

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