The Noble Platypus

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with IAM’s resident human platypus Jenya.  Aside from his fantastic mods, he also exudes so much joy.  When he e-mailed me a little while back with these photos he had mentioned that because of some health problems he had to reduce the size of his lip plates to a 32mm medusa and 58mm labret, but he’s doing better and is back on track to reaching his goal of a 100mm medusa and 200mm labret.  I really love that when he was telling me the size of his lips in the photo he was saying that they’re small.  I guess size is relative.  Either way, this human platypus and his impressive collection of modifications is always a treat to post.

26 thoughts on “The Noble Platypus

  1. not personally my thing, but he wears them well! can’t wait to see them when he is at his gial sizes. 🙂

    i do wonder; how do large lip plates affect speech etc?

  2. on the video , he is so skinny.I m very shocked about how he look like now.Poor guy
    He look like if he have AIDS or something like that

  3. @ xELEKTROx it does say hes had health problems, which could explain his weight loss

    P.S lip plate and Dreadlock <3

  4. his iam says he was raw and “fruitarian” for a a year. that’s probably why he’s intensely emaciated.

  5. i do believe the video said he has leukemia, so all of you ignorant a**holes should show a little more respect instead of making jokes

    ….he has great mods 🙂

    …and i hope he gets well!

  6. A truly beautiful person is beautiful regardless of their weight.
    This man is one of those people.

    And his mods suit him very well. I am in awe every time he posts new pictures.
    Adore him!

  7. i think he looks sickly skinny … i hope he’s getting a little fatter again after being ill , otherwise i think he’s running into a anorexia patient

  8. you are very excessive for modifications, but I love you as that. It’s very beautifull and very unusual.

    And good health for you.

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