How do you eat with that?

I’m fairly certain every single person with a large lip plate has been asked that very same question at least once in their lifetime.  When Sean chatted with Jenya a little while ago, the question came up, and sure enough he has no problems eating at all.   So why am I bringing this up now?  Well, Pavel_Zhilenkov sent in some great photos of his upper lip to the lip plate gallery, and as you can see by the photo below eating isn’t a problem for him either.

The Platypus speaks


Jenya is no stranger to Modblog. In fact long term readers have watched him evolve into the modern modded man he is today. Fortunately, he was nice enough to chat with me on Skype a while back to answer some questions about him and his mods. His native tongue is Russian, so I had to clean up the grammar on his answers a bit to make it easily understandable, but I did my best not to change the context whatsoever.

For the interview and a few pictures documenting his evolution, keep on keeping on.

Sean Philips: So why don’t you give me some basic info to start; age, sexual preference, location and career.

Jenya: My name is Jenya. I am russian, 23 year old on the 28 january will be 24 years old. I am heterosexual. I was born in and live in Perm city, but I to want live in St. Petersburg and  in the spring I’m going to leave this city (Perm). I make teflon body jewelry (in white, black and blue colors).
Sean Philips: Wow, only 23, you have quite the collections of body mods for such a young guy. How did you get started on that path?
Jenya: I was 18 when I pierced my lobes for their further stretching.


Sean Philips: So right off the bat you knew you wanted stretched lobes, what lead to that decision?

Jenya: In the past I have seen many pictures on BMEzine. I was delighted by such body modification and I really wanted to do the same. I wanted something  that I could see in real life when I looked  in the mirror and something I could experience for myself.
Sean Philips: Very cool. So what inspired you to start stretching your lip piercing for the lip plate?
Jenya: I saw it on BMEzine as well. I saw it on a few IAM members; Raur,  pharmacist and some other people as well. I really wanted to try it. I like how it looks, but when I increased the size of the hole in my lip, then I wanted more and more. My motivation came primarily from MobyK. He helped me to understand that the more – the better. When I saw pictures of different tribes people with large lip plates I would wonder as to how much is practical? How do they eat, communicate, and  live with such large lips?  I wanted to find the answer to these questions within myself. Many of these questions I have since found answers to through the stages of my lip getting bigger. Now I’m wondering how it will be to have a  50mm or 100mm medusa and if I can live with a 200 x 100 mm lip plate.


Jenya: Sorry for my english 🙂

Sean Philips: No problem it’s far better than my Russian.

Jenya: (hehe)
Sean Philips: So how is it living with the lip plate in your daily life?
Jenya: This is very interesting. Before I asked the same question, but now I can honestly  say I love eating with my big lips. This modification did not cause any inconvenience to my regular activities. I still eat, drink, sleep, talk. I also really love this big smile. When I smile looking in the mirror, it improves mood, I get a positive on the whole day! I have only positive thoughts. thereby I attract only good things in my way.
Sean Philips: That’s an awesome outlook, I like that a lot.  So you love your mods, but how does the general public deal with your mods, I am sure you get a lot of attention? Also, what about your family, do they support your choices?
Jenya: Yes, I get A LOT of attention. The reactions are  always different. When I am walking down the street with an open face, I notice some people’s  reaction. I often can hear the enthusiasm or hatred directed at me. I can see through to almost everyone. From how they treat me I can assume how they were brought up. I do love it when people like how I look. I give them my smile and they return a smile for me. I think it’s great. When I encounter  people who scream negative things at me, I do not pay attention to it, I move on. I think they are just uneducated people. To me they are very sad. My family is very fond of me, despite my appearance. My mom does not like how I look, but she does not tell me this, so I think all is well!
Sean Philips:That’s great. We can’t expect everyone to love our decisions but so long as they can love us in spite of them, it’s a good thing. So what’s next? Any major mod plans lie ahead for you?
Jenya: I really want to stretch my lips bigger.  I don’t know how practical it will be, but I love the look of them at the size of 200 by 100mm. I also love big septums. I really want to have a really big septum, but it is very difficult for me, because sometimes I have problems with keloids.
Sean Philips: 200×100mm, that is certainly ambitious as far as lip stretching goes, I hope it goes well for you. So the human platypus thing, could you explain that?


Jenya: The platypus has a large bill which is very similar in appearance to the large stretched lips for human. Also, I really like the sound of the word “platypus” in English.

Sean Philips: Is this a theme you plan to carryon further, like how the Lizardman  transforms himself more and more to continue the lizard theme, or is this more of a nickname?
Jenya: It’s more of a nickname, I think the name “platypus” may be suitable for all people with big lips.
Sean Philips: Fair enough. So to anyone planning who may plan on taking their mods to the same extreme as you, do you have any words of wisdom to share?
Jenya: For these people? Yes. Never be in a hurry for a stretch. If you want big lips – you’ll have it, but after some time. The slower you go the bigger you can get…………..and good luck!


So what do you guys think, could these two be brothers or what?

The Noble Platypus

It’s been a little while since we last checked in with IAM’s resident human platypus Jenya.  Aside from his fantastic mods, he also exudes so much joy.  When he e-mailed me a little while back with these photos he had mentioned that because of some health problems he had to reduce the size of his lip plates to a 32mm medusa and 58mm labret, but he’s doing better and is back on track to reaching his goal of a 100mm medusa and 200mm labret.  I really love that when he was telling me the size of his lips in the photo he was saying that they’re small.  I guess size is relative.  Either way, this human platypus and his impressive collection of modifications is always a treat to post.

The Way You Look At Me When You’re Hunted

Let’s wrap things up today with this chilling shot of Jenya being attacked by some sort of carnivorous argyle bird (“Mark” is its name, apparently). Some reports indicate it may be more of a symbiotic relationship, as with the small birds that eat out of the teeth of hippopotami, but we prefer to believe it’s something far more…sinister. (Because we’re jerks.)

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

Kissed Into Smiles Again

Hot damn—between his huge lip plate and stretched medusa, Jenya has altered his appearance more radically than many other people that we’ve seen, but I swear, I don’t know if anybody looks giddier and more satisfied with his appearance on a consistent basis than he does. I say it every time, but Russians, man…hearty stock and all that.

After the jump, his lip without the jewelry.

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Phwoar blimey, he’s a busy man isn’t he! He’s got four working offices!!

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Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty 10mm/7mm nose tusks, 25mm septum and 53mm/25mm lips.

– Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (sort of).

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Moscow Convention Photos

Golddust and Bodom Skater took these photos of one of the Psycho Cyborgs (Iestyn) who performed at the recent 2008 Moscow Tattoo and Bodyart Festival. I think it’s my favorite star tattoo yet!

Speaking of the tattoo expo, there were quite a few IAM and ModBlog regulars there, including Inna, Pj_Evl and Duff (remember her controversial interview?) in the photo below as well as (in the photos on the right, L-R) Tan0k and Petya, some folks from the suspension show, and Diktatura. All of these portraits are by Bodom Skater.

Golddust also snapped these shots of a really great facial tattoo that seemed to be getting quite a lot of attention.