The Guess What Game (Results)

Time’s up!  It’s time to see how everyone did.  But before we get to the results, lets get a quick recap of today’s game.

Round 1

Round 1

Round 2

Round 2

Round 3

Round 3

Any final guesses?  Now’s the time.

To see the results, you know what to do…

I was actually surprised that more people didn’t get round one correct.  Instead of the tongue web or smiley, this was in fact SecretReality’s foreskin piercing.

Round 1

Round two seemed to be a bit easier for people to guess.  It also didn’t hurt that Neanderthal’s keen eyes spotted the full sized image in the galleries.  Jörmungand’s big nostril was indeed the answer for this round.

Round 2

Round three was probably the most interesting of the photos today.  Bummm5 sent in a series of photos of him using his hafadas as a form of what I assume is either nullo or chastity play.  He didn’t send in any photos with the piercings removed so I can’t comment on what is being restrained, but what is showing is a rather clever use of his piercings as we normally see this type of play on women using their outer labia rings to form something similar.

Round 3

So?  How well did you do this time?  Any perfect scores?

Every week we’re looking for more photos to play the game with, so if you have a photo lying around that you think might be great for the Guess What Game, just send it in.

20 thoughts on “The Guess What Game (Results)

  1. 1 out of 3 (well, out of 2, i didnt guess on 3 cos i had seen it in the galleries and didnt wanna spoil everyone elses fun) the first one properly had me stumped.

  2. @Nygaard: I was thinking frenum as well, but most frenums are lower so I went with the gallery it was posted to.

  3. …the 3rd one…what has happened there? I think if they’re happy cool but…what…happened? Theres more happening than 2 rings, no?

  4. I’ve actually got the first piercing, though I don’t wear anything in it as it gets in the way of my PA.

    Rob, you and Nygaard are both half-right, as it’s sort of both. Technically, that piece of skin is indeed the true frenum, but it is only present like so when the penis is uncircumcised; what has commonly been called a “frenum” piercing is more of a surface piercing. So while that is actually a frenum piercing in the technical sense, it’s also a foreskin piercing because the frenum is part of the foreskin.

    :P gotta love terms that change meaning over time.

  5. @kendall: I’m assuming he’s doing some kind of chastity or nullo play. By that I mean I think he’s tucked everything in and used his hafadas to hold it in place.

  6. Yush 3/3! First time ever.

    As for frenum vs. foreskin, isn’t a foreskin piercing perpendicular to the circumference of the penis where a frenum piercing runs parallel to the circumference?

  7. @Cortex: That really depends on placement and preference. Frenum piercings do tend to run parallel to the circumference, but foreskins are very malleable and can be pierced in a variety of ways, depending on anatomy of course.

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