Elegantly Dotted

Whenever Sonja sends in one of her new dotwork creations, I always take a moment to pause.  Her work is consistently beautiful, and she’s easily a master of the dotwork style.  This recent tattoo not only evokes the image of wings, but also elements of a seashell, as well as classic Greek sculpture.

You can find more work by Sonja in the tribal and blackwork gallery.

8 thoughts on “Elegantly Dotted

  1. She is amazing! All of her stuff is just stunning

    I’ve been looking for years for artists in America that do this kind of handpoked dotwork and have been very unsuccessful. I had the good fortune of getting some work done by Ruby Jae in San Fran this summer (http://rubytattoo.com/) but I don’t live anywhere around there anymore and I can’t find anyone else who specializes in this style.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for people in the US looking to get some dotwork done?

  2. Too bad it’s already been done in almost the exact same way by someone else way before.
    His name is Vincent Hocquet. The tattoo I’m refering to is on the fourth page of his tattoo gallery http://www.beautifulfreak.be
    Have a nice day =)

  3. damn!
    i did ask my customer if it was his own design, because i knew i saw some tattoos like this.
    it wasn’t my intention to copy. now i am really shocked and unhappy with this work.
    a big big sorry to vincent and his customer!
    so i will contact my customer and discuss what we could change in this tattoo. some patterns are already planned.
    this is really unpleasent.

  4. and not only that stupid customer decided to copy someones work but he also let it tattoo on the exact same spot …. why are some people such idiots. .. i’ve said it more and i think from now on i’ll do …, i will never put a picture of my tattoos on iam, bme and rest of the internet ANYMORE …

    i want tattoos to be my tattoos and not something that is gonna be copied by someone else …

    i feel along wiht u sonja , i would also don’t like it if i did a piece that allready excists … only can say one thing … if u wanna avoid this , ask what the customer wants , subject, colour, etc … and make custom designs only , even tough the customer bringing u what he wants exactly , say no and tell him/her u’ll make ur own version of it

    i don’t tattoo but i in the past made some flash and tattoostyle drawings too , and once all of a sudden i see the exact same drawing i made at school as a logo for me on someones back ! i ask the artists and he says the guy told him he found it on a website with free tattoodesigns … so probabbly someone came here and put it on such a website or the guy itself lied and came on bme himself too , cause that’s the only place i uploaded the pic …

  5. Wow, reminds me of the wings at the bottom of Mucha’s ‘Times of Day’ series. Sad to hear about the plagiarism difficulties. Still a lovely hermes-look placement.

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