“Every natural fact is a cymbal of some spiritual fact”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Adhara.  She’s a member of the Lotus Dance Studio Troupe, a tribal belly dancing group, and recently performed at Camelot Days 2010 in Florida.  Not only do we have a couple of pictures of her, but after doing a quick google search I was able to track down the performance where the photos were taken.

Skip to 1:45 to see Adhara’s performance

Now the markings on her face are just paint, but her labret, industrial, nostril, and other piercings are real.

11 thoughts on ““Every natural fact is a cymbal of some spiritual fact”

  1. I saw at least 3 other girls with tattoos on their midsections and i think a few more facial piercings.

  2. Eeeep! it’s me!

    Nihilist, i wish i could have some facial tattoos, but right now it’s not too feasable with my current job.

    Aeryka, a few of our girls have tattoos, but I also painted Temptu Harquus/designs for the performances on our troupe.

  3. I’m so glad these got put up. When I was checking the front page the other day, my eyes were immediately drawn to these photos. She’s so beautiful!

  4. its neat to see this kind of dancing pop up on here finally! ive been doing tribal group improv for yeaaaars, and its a really amazing thing to be involved in! my modification and dance have really bounced off of and influenced eachother since i started dancing, which has been really instrumental in the progress of my self image and self esteem. so yaaaay!

  5. Thanks for all the compliments!

    A full vid of the Basket performance for those interested. It’s completely improvised.

    Andrea, who/where do you dance with? It’s my love affair, tribal Improv. and it really has changed the way i feel about my body and self image. The dance is about taking ownership of yourself, much like Body Modification, it’s you own opportunity to be the self that you WANT to be.

  6. Wow Adhara, you are possibly the most beautiful woman i have EVER SEEN. seriously, your face, body, the way you move. You also look extremely peaceful and that always equals beauty for me. Any human would be lucky to love you.

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