Red Red Wine

For some a glass of red wine is just the thing to unwind after a long day of work.  For PrettyHateMachine, wine isn’t enough.  This South African beauty recently did a photo shoot with Zoltan Tibor Szabo-Taylor, and what you see above is the result.  To some the phrase “bleeding for your art” is used metaphorically, but for these two, it is taken quite literally.

Normally when you see bloodplay on ModBlog the term “messy” comes to mind.  This isn’t a bad thing by any stretch, but occasionally it is nice to see blood without having to think about cleaning up afterwards.

As with all forms of bloodplay, don’t try to recreate this unless you know what you’re doing.

5 thoughts on “Red Red Wine

  1. As far as I know the glass was filled with milk to begin with, and her blood added to that.

    Perhaps PrettyHateMachine could give you all the details of why this was done – something to do with an installation art movie…

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