Having your heart on your mind

The last time we saw ThundaKat79 she had just gotten her third eye microdermal put in.  Since then, she’s added a new type of modification to her extensive collection, a subdermal implant of a heart on her forehead.  With the vast array of visible modifications she has, this new one fits right in.  Now the photo was taken soon after it was put in, so hopefully she’ll continue to send in photos of it as it heals up.

14 thoughts on “Having your heart on your mind

  1. I am wondering why she covered her face in small, seemingly unrelated mods rather than one unified piece.

    The heart looks especially out of place just sitting unevenly near the middle of her forehead like that.

  2. I’m starting to get really turned off about reading these things becuase of peoples constant bitching and put downs. Haven’t you guys ever heard the saying “if you can’t say something nice,dont say nothing at all”? You all sound like arrogent, egotistical losers and it makes me sick.

    For some reason, I thought all of this is supposed to be about sharing and enjoying, not about judgements and criticism. Everyone chewing each other out and cutting on each others pics and mods is just going to make people stop sharing pictures and stories.

    ThundaKat- keep up the creativity :)

  3. way to make something out of nothing

    if you expect everyone to hold hands while swaying side to side and singing together, I suggest you go back to preschool

  4. I personally like the many unrelated mods, its very old school tattooed lady-ish. And I like the off center heart. I think it makes everything seem more organic, rather then a single unified symetrical mod. Fuck yeah.

  5. i love the look of this girl , all her tattoos are really cool , its awsome that she didnt get one big tattoo on her face, this is way better . shame about the implant cause it looks poorly done :( hope she goes to someone who knows what they are doing next time she wants a mod, cause her looks is fucking RAD

  6. Hey ThundaKat79 I hope your implant heals up well for you! ^_^ Have a Happy New Year! Keep up the kool mods in 2011.

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