The Warm-up

We’ve seen Adhara doing a bit of dancing before, but it seems that wherever she goes she’s got a great photographer following her every move.  And can you blame them?  You get a beautiful girl like Adhara dancing with a giant sword, and people are bound to take notice.

You can check out more photos of Adhara in the labret and earlobe galleries, and you can also check out the sword dance in the video below.

15 thoughts on “The Warm-up

  1. you have a beautiful dancers body, the girls who dance with you are probably jealous as traditional belly dancers do not have flat stomachs, I’ve been belly dancing for 17 years and have had more skinny dancers approach me and comment on their jealousy of my curves and belly then I can even begin to tell you. I’m guessing by the chess board and background that you dance at a Renaissance Faire?
    I worked at NY Ren for 7 years. You are gorgeous, and a great dancer!

  2. Lynx, Thank you. The extra goods make it easy to see a shimmy ;)

    Our troupe dances at a small renn faire (Camelot days). it’s a 2 day event in November and I’ve been dancing at camelot days for the last 3 years.

  3. So gorgeous, thank you so much for posting this! As an extra curvy woman myself, it is rare to see such striking images of women brave and secure enough to show off some skin, especially while looking as graceful and poised! I am so inspired to take some dance classes now without being so self conscious!

  4. Such beautiful bellies on those three!

    (Funny how I hate my own and love it on others… :P)

  5. I’m not too curvy at all and actually have a rather flat, toned stomach, And I am epic jealous of your sexy curves, beautiful mods and wonderful dancing. =D

  6. Normally I just browse Modblog and have never commented before but this picture seriously inspired me to write. Its so rare for me to see beautiful women with similar body types to my own looking so confident and comfortable in their skin. Its incredibly inspiring and all the positive feedback in the responses is truly refreshing and a sharp change from what ‘bigger’ girls like myself are used to hearing. Thank you BME for posting this and thank you readers for the positive comments. We need more of this in mainstream media before girls like myself will finally feel as beautiful as we deserve to. Thanks Adhara for leading the way. You are very very inspiring and absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Wow, thank you all for all the awesome positivity! It took a lot of convincing the first time I went bare belly for a performancebut the responses from other women (and some men too) are what gave me the courage! Bellydance is an artform that isn’t JUST for the teeny tiny or the large breasted or whatever other standard of beauty there is, it’s for everyone to embrace their own bodies and have a bitching good time too.

    @PC – I make custom tribal bras!! Most of us make our own costuming and I make a lot of items for our girls.

    @Delia_was_ill – Get into a dance class. I wish I hadn’t waited till my mid 20s to get into dance. I was always afraid that i was too big, or too old or whatever and it held me back from something i love so much! Get in there and dance!

    @Sarah – thank you for the kind words,and yes, the media needs more real women. We can’t all be 5’10″ and 130 lbs, but we are all beautiful.

    And everyone, thanks for the positive words, I was really bracing myself for a shit storm of negativity, but you are all awesome. thank you.

  8. Whats bothers me is this whole dialectic here. The implication of which is that somehow being overweight is inherently unattractive (though no doubt plenty of people will deny this), and therefore undesirable sexually. Beyond even that is somehow it is a desirable to be sexually attractive to many, or even the majority of people, i.e. lots of people would like to have intercourse with you. I don’t need lots of people wanting to have sex with me to feel good about myself. Don’t kid yourself if you think you’re wanting to feel attractive isn’t the same as wanting people to desire sex with you. When you are talking about ‘beauty’ in terms of human relations, its all about sex, otherwise we wouldn’t survive as a species.

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