This is the time of year for reflection.  To look back upon the year and set goals for the next.  To some these resolutions can be fun little things, and to others they’re serious commitments.  It’s also the time of year that gyms make a ton of money off of people by signing them up for a year’s membership, knowing full well 90% of the people will stop coming in after a month.  Now for those that make some serious commitments, this time of year can mark a significant moment in their life.  Of course, new years isn’t the only time to make a serious life decision, as you can see by Pinkfloydboy’s first tattoo.

It’s simple, to the point, and probably one of the most significant decisions he’s made in his life.

Have you made your resolutions yet?

27 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. I don’t do resolutions, because it’s such an artificial way of changing something. if you want to change something, change it now, don’t wait for the next year.

  2. @Lex it may be from tattooing in that area, i have a lot of problems with weight loss/gain and muscle gain and the lines get distorted like at especially in the inner arm but then again it would be too soon for stretchmarks.

  3. Great job? Not touching that ridiculous poison in the first place would be doing a great job, this is at best the first step to becoming a decent human being.

  4. Oof, harsh

    I’m in the “good for him” camp. Hopefully he’s not reading comments here, and if he does, hopefully he’s immune to the negative ones.

    I have never made a new years resolution. If you want to change something about yourself, just do it. Don’t make promises to yourself that you may or may not keep.

  5. Some people seem to be real high and mighty dicks toward this guy. People make mistakes and I’m sure you have too. Why can people see the positive in this? He’s making his life better and youre trying to tear him down. I like it, it looks good, congrats on the life change and good luck with your battle.

  6. believing yourself better person only for not doing or having done any mistake in your life it´s for sure one of the most wonderfull feelings that someone can experience…I envy you, X…

  7. Also in the “Good for him” camp on this one. We all make mistakes so kudos to this guy for turning his life around.

  8. The first step to being a decent human being is not being a judgemental patronizing dickhead, so, X, you’re very far from it. Work on yourself before making shitty comments

  9. @Cijai and raul – I have made PLENTY of mistakes in my life, in lack of knowledge or just not being able to predict the outcome of my actions…
    But please explain to me HOW one starts to shoot heroin “by mistake”? “Heroin?! I thought it was apple cider in that syringe!” – or maybe he was convinced that heroin was actually healthy when he started, like some sort of magic vitamin injection?

    Sorry, but there is only two explanations as to why someone would put a needle in the arm and inject that poisonous shit. You are either too weak or too stupid, or maybe even both.

  10. I absolutely love this tattoo. It’s so simple and conveys so much. Often tattoos are reminders of something (loved ones, achievements etc) but this one is a reminder of what could be. I like that. Good luck Pinkfloydboy 🙂

  11. @X they didn’t mean that someone takes heroine by mistake, you’ve misunderstood them. They mean it’s actually a mistake when you start taking it, as in a bad or wrong decision.

    I say: good job 🙂

  12. @ X – to imply that someone is less than a decent human being because they are an addict seems to me an ignorant perspective. im sure nothing said on this website will change your mind but in beating this addiction this dude has probably been through more of an emotional and physical struggle than a lot of us, and to come out of it intact shows a lot of strength – respect to him for being proud of what he has done. he cant change his past but he is controlling his future, plus i think his tattoo is sweeeeet

  13. I’ve been straight edge for 8 years, and I think he’s done a good job, I also figured the lines were allowed to be wonky because I kind of thought of it as an office stamp, I mean I know its not but it reminded me of the stamps we use at the store–at least its not a chicks name < 3

  14. Good luck to this guy, but if he fails he’s gonna look even more stupid than a young kid who broke edge after getting a bunch of X’s tattooed on them. At least an X you can hide the meaning from people who don’t know what straight edge is.

  15. Wow, I did not expect such a horrible slew of comments. Good for you, bud – some of us are rooting for you.

  16. WORST CASE SCENERIO if he relapses he can always add an E and get a picture of wonderwoman with a red circle and a slash through it.. NO HEROINE! heh. brilliant.

  17. @X

    Doing drugs does does not make you a bad person. Or a stupid person. I’m extremely offended by your comments seeing as I am a recovering addict myself. You’re probably just some militant straight edge douche bag that thinks everyone that does drugs are pieces of shit. Hey, if we’re passing judgments here, I have some of my own. You’re an asshole. Don’t assume that you know jack shit about a person or their situation until you know them or what they’ve been through. You try losing everything, having no control over your life, living on the streets, and having no choice but to do so and then come back here on your high horse with all your pride acting like you know shit about addiction. Going through something like that can really humble a person. You don’t know why this person made the decisions that they did so keep your shitty opinions to yourself, dickhead.

    Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.
    Anyway. To whomever wears this tattoo, congratulations. I know the struggle. Don’t let this ignorant moron bring you down, because there are people that truly know how difficult what you’ve gone through is. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it.

  18. Okay, yes, he made a few really awful, health-detrimental decisions in doing heroin in the first place.
    But! Good on him for making the decision to get clean! All the best, dude =) *I’m* rooting for you!

  19. Z says to X, “You’re probably just some militant straight edge douche bag…”

    That pretty much sums it up. You are a douche bag for sure. Militant straight edge, probably.
    Happy New Year’s, dick.

  20. Although kicking heroin is an amazing feat and I congratulate the guy, my main reservation about this tattoo is that it is a hugely personal thing to confess you are a former heroin addict, but even more so to tell the whole world by inking it on a visible place on your body. In the future, when he is long done with heroin, people will be able to see his past written on his arm (or at least what looks like his inside upper arm to me). It’s almost like he wouldn’t be able to leave the past completely behind and move on. Just a thought. Good luck to you though.

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