Suspending Passion

To the great many people out there that suspend, it can easily become a strong passion in their life.  Southtownbaby is one such person.  We’ve seen her on ModBlog before with her bird of paradise scar.  Today, we get to see her enjoying something she has a passion for.  As a bonus, she’s even shared with us something special, just to show you how much suspending means to her.

The ressurection suspension was facilitated by Hanging City Suspensions down in Fort Smith, AZ.

Keep reading to see the added bonus…

This 3-D implant was designed and crafted by Steve Haworth, and was put in by JesseStar

Well, that’s it for 2010 ModBlog.  I hope everyone has a fun and safe new year’s eve.  And remember, you’re always welcome to join me and the rest of the BME staff at the BME NYE Party!  Just check the event listing for all the details.

6 thoughts on “Suspending Passion

  1. Resurrection suspensions are always beautiful (but my least favourite to do!) and that implant is gorgeous. Steve makes amazing pieces, and I’d love to see it healed.

  2. Thanks for posting these Rob. The implant is healing so well, Jesse did an amazing job. And the suspension was a great time, and such a fun one to do. But we are out of Fort Smith, Arkansas not Arizona ;)

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