Barbed wire

When someone needs to keep people out of an area, a barbed wire fence is probably the first thing they think of.  Of course it can also be used to keep people in an area as well.  In either case, the owner of this barbed wire tattoo has gotten it in a place that only those they’re close with will be able to check out.

I’m pretty sure you can guess the location, so keep reading to see then uncensored photo.

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19 thoughts on “Barbed wire

  1. fun if your gay and u love a stick with thorns on it pushed up your ass ! , tough i think the tattoo i saw couple of years ago of the guy getting the starfish on his butt and really almost in his asshole !! must been in more pain than this guy

  2. wow. that is fucking gross. i mean to each is own, not judging, go ahead and be you! but damn. eww.

  3. I was once told that there are 32 creases around the human anus, which matches the number of teeth at the top end of the body. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to check that theory. Interesting tattoo – must have hurt like a bitch!

  4. @15 Thinkzersize I guess he meant it’s homophobic ’cause it’s barbed wire around their asshole. Like “Do not enter” sorta.

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