Rock the Bells

This past weekend Philadelphia was taken over by a veritable army of tattoo and body modification fans.   From side-show acts, to an impromptu IAM fisting booth, the Sheraton was the hottest ticket in town.  The stars of the show however were the tattoo artists.  As with most conventions, there are awards given out in different categories over the course of the weekend.  On Saturday, the winner of “Tattoo of the Day” went to Timmy B of Black 13 from Nashville, TN with this recreation of a Philadelphia landmark, the Liberty Bell.

With the Liberty Bell being a major US icon, it’s no wonder you’ll be able to find the full sized version of the photo in the political and patriotic tattoo gallery.

8 thoughts on “Rock the Bells

  1. Yes Timmy b is great, but i have to say easy on the photoshop buddy. Other than that i have nothing but respect for him.

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