I’m Bloodshot For Sure

Well hey, look at that! It’s the always lovely (and controversial?) Lesha, checking in again—this time bottomless as opposed to last time’s toplessness. And…hey, what’s that on her stomach?

Ha ha, look at that! It’s this tremendous scarification portrait piece, a month into the ol’ healing process. Seems to be coming along nicely, but the question, as always, is how is the commentariat dealing with it? I’m going to say…hilariously.

(Scarification by Wayde Dunn at Stay Gold in Albuquerque, New Mexico.)

54 thoughts on “I’m Bloodshot For Sure

  1. i quite like the eyeborws tbh!
    and i have to say, this is my favourite girly piercing :]

  2. Her eyebrows pain me.

    As for the cutting, I still don’t think the faces were that well rendered and I’m just not a big fan of the piece in general. It looks like it is healing pretty well though.

  3. nothing here appeals to me and her eyebrows make her look like a clown, but at least she is happy!

  4. Looking great as always ^^
    Me personally prefered the long hair, but don’t listen to me long hair is almost a fetish for me :P

  5. first I’m topless, then I’m pantless. what’s next, full on nude? hell, why not!

    #11, I don’t have a hard time shaving around the christina. the hardest part now is getting uber smooth with the scarification over the pubic area. and with the all the lines in Stigmata’s face (center) there’s little hairs here and there and with being raised doesn’t really get a close enough shave. but I will be investing in laser hair removal soon.

  6. Clearly sexable and lovely?
    If she takes me to Combichrist like a cool girl.

    And everytime I see Steve I think of this.
    A vagina on his chest.

  7. I’m sorry, that cutting…… looks terrible. If she got it for free, she got ripped off.

  8. Christina is clearly the best piercing any woman could get =D
    Short hair definately suits her more and I usualy dislike short hair. Props on the sick chest piece

  9. realy? come on , that poor poor girl, i know those 3 guys shown in the cutting are total losers and i guess that girl just wanted some attention so mabye they all had group sex and then she got the cutting after , im from the same country as W. and i knew a girl that had that misfortune with him , though that was just some crap tribal on her, this poor girl now has to look at these gross done pics of those losers on her body for life,
    HOW SAD!

  10. [email protected]#17

    Steve and Jon (Stigmata) are very good friends of mine. the day of the cutting was the first time meeting Wayde (very cool AND professional guy. think I like him more than Steve and Jon ;) haha). so, yes, I did it for the attention. let’s see…how many magazines or t.v. shows or tattoo conventions have I been to since I’ve gotten this? ZERO. so yeah…I did it for attention. when I can guarantee majority of people don’t even know who Steve, Jon and Wayde are! and I didn’t have sex with them, haha. and I must say I am very proud and happy with the work. despite what ANYONE else says.

  11. I think her mods rock, and her chola eyebrows are supa dupa fly!
    no sarcasm on that. swear.

  12. Lesha
    how could you get their faces permanently etched on you, yet not let them have a go at the goodies ?
    for shame, damn cocktease.
    partly joking
    also have you had more work done on your chest ? (yes, looking for excuse to ask for more wonderful bewbs)

    @12. i completely agree

  13. Did they know before hand they were getting their faces on your naughty bits? I love your facial dots and Christina! I was always curious about shaving (bare naked baby) I’m glad someone asked about that :) your very unique looking. in a great way of course.

  14. Ha ha ha Did anybody else see these guys on Breaking Bad about two weeks ago!?!

  15. I like her eyebrows. They’re actually done well and not 500ft above her natural brow line, which I think can make a girl look kind of intimidating and bitchy. She just looks mischievous. :)

    Also, love the christina. Thinking about getting mine done now.

  16. 23 – because I’m not a slut ;]
    I started working on my chest in December of last year. the Tried by Fire photo was shot in October of last year. and this image was shot last month at the one month mark of healing of the scarification.

    24 – yes, they knew where their faces were going. Steve and I had originally discussed getting a tattoo portrait of him somewhere on my body, but the artist he wanted to use never did a guest spot at his shop. he was coming back from touring I believe (correct me if I’m wrong, Steve. just don’t keep tabs on you!) and Wayde was coming to do a guest spot at his shop. Steve text me and said “instead of a tattoo portrait of me how about a scarification portrait?” and yadda, yadda, yadda after a conversation I AGREED to do it. then later that night or the next day, I AGREED to get Jon’s (Stigmata) portrait and then later AGREED to get Wayde’s. there was no “talking into” or “publicity” for doing this. I mean I almost got $1,000 worth of scarification because I wanted to, but I will admit, I’ve finally found something I’d never get done again. I’m cool sticking with tattoos, piercings and implants. and a little while after getting it done Steve actually had the balls to ask if I’d get Lassi cut into my body and I laughed hysterically and I think I told him to fuck off haha :]

    27 – I highly doubt it.

    30 – my eyebrows are never the same. every day they are done differently. but ty :]

  17. nice mods, beautiful girl. and most of you are concentrating on her damn eyebrows. what a shame.

  18. im just not gonna read the comments anymore. all the ignorant people on here just piss me off. lesha, good for you keepin such a cool head about it.

  19. I saw photo’s of when this cutting was fresh. it has healed up really nicely. I am definetely a fan of Wayde Dunn’s work. Its looks nice of you and works well with the christina piercing i cannot help but notice

  20. Let’s be fair to the comments though, Lesha…….Those are some pretty ugly guys ;)

  21. I don’t think anyone said they were ugly guys, though. or am I wrong? I’m too lazy to go back and read ALL the comments again, but all the comments here are personal opinions. and I happen to think there’s some attraction here. I thought it was obvious though? haha

  22. I stand corrected. #17 said they were LOSERS, not ugly. Either way, though…….. :)

  23. hottest part about lesha?

    her amazing ability to wash down the haterade with a pillar of salt and not come out gagging.

    you’re beautiful, lady!

  24. 47 — that happens a lot. if you think that one is bad, I have another one that looks much more like a vagina. it kind of freaked me out then it started to make me think…do any guys have an armpit fetish? haha

  25. haha, well it was just a funny thought ;)
    what can i say, maybe i’m having this all weird imagination haha
    didn’t mean to offend in anyway.
    to be honest, with my weird fetishs, i’m suprised i’m still free behind no locked bars hahaha

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