Bikini Friday!

Summer is almost here which means that bikini season is only a few short weeks away.  Modified mom Phantomlolita here is already taking advantage of the warmer weather and went down to the beach to soak up some sun.

Tattoos by Stan Finchem from Ocean Mystique’s Ink Gallery in Virginia Beach, VA

17 thoughts on “Bikini Friday!

  1. I don’t know where you can get one, but i’m pretty sure thats an Iron Fist bikini… My girlfriend had the matching shoes.

  2. i will agree that alison is beautiful, but the fap material has got to stop. im sure the poor people at home have gone raw and have become of something from the hard section of bme… or what used to be the hard section. shits so complicated i cant find anything anymore.

  3. wow, just saw some of her photos on her profile. Her children will one day be so proud. so very very proud.

  4. you can buy the bikini on think they only ship within the uk though :/

  5. i’m sorry. i can hardly see the tattoos over that AWESOME. FUCKING. SWIMSUIT.

    i wish i could see what’s on her hip.

  6. she had a kid with a guy i went to high school with. their daughter is beautiful. as a mother myself i agree with Yeppers. i will never ever give up my body mods. but that being said i wont do anything that i wouldnt want them to see or things that i think would be inappropriate. i have a responsibility to be a mom now, i cant be as care free as i once was. my child is looking at me to be a role model.

  7. To those asking about the swimsuit, I bought it on Iron Fist’s website last summer. I know that Sourpuss and Too Fast were selling it as well, but I’m not sure if they are this season.

    As to those attacking my parenting, feel free to keep your opinions to yourselves. I can understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t happen to share your opinions. Now, if we can keep this on the right subject…that would be greatly appreciated.

  8. shes done nothing to portay that shes being a bad mother. unless bathing suits are no longer mother appropriate .

    no one lives near her or sees her on a daily basis so you have no clue what she does to raise her daughter.

    blame the mod who posted this for his obsession with posting fap material if your going to point the finger

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