Anatomically correct tattoo

I might have gone a little overzealous with the censor bars today, so just skip ahead to the check out this anatomically correct tattoo.

While it may not be 100% accurate, it does look like something out of an old medical text, which makes it alright in my book.

This is just one of several female genital tattoos that was submitted in the past couple of days.  I’ve got one more to post later in the day, but if you head over to the galleries you can take a guess at which one it’ll be.

49 thoughts on “Anatomically correct tattoo

  1. Ergh. I hope she’s happy with that, ’cause all I can think looking at that is “major turn off”. Maybe that’s just me though.

  2. I think the trick is to find a guy with a playful inner child. I would have a blast with that. 😛

  3. This photo has been floating around the internet for a long time now, I’d be very surprised if it was the owner or artist who actually submitted it.

    That being said, why did you censor the full tattoo on the main page? Is the main page of modblog so PC now that you can’t show a medical depiction of ovaries? You could’ve easily just blacked off the vulva.

    And yeah, that’d highly be a turnoff if I ever came across it.

  4. Anyways, just saying that because I know it’s not BME’s policy to post photos it doesn’t have the rights to, and the chance that the uploader had the rights to give away in the first place is pretty slim.

  5. @Tobias: It was late and I thought it would be funny to censor everything. The moral of this story: Don’t open photoshop when you’re tired.

  6. hahahahahahaha I LOVE it

    and to the guys: she probably doesn’t want to sleep with you either, so don’t worry about it

  7. I like it, and I wouldn’t call it a turn off either… could be a source of fun!

  8. Censoring the whole thing out is hilarious lol, got some people I’d never want at my party commenting here.

    On top of that, how funny would it be while you were in there to be like UP, theres the cervix lol and then point to it while you’re hitting it. I don’t see who wouldn’t find that amusing.

  9. re: Alex, all the guys who find this a turn off probably couldn’t hit a cervix even if they thrusted forcefully to the hilt.

    This tattoo pwns the world! My favourite tattoo that’s been featured on here for a long time. By far! I bet this chick is funny as hell and awesome in bed, being that comfortable with her bits. Kudos!

  10. its not my cup of tea, but ive never been turned off by anyones tattoos enough to not want to sleep with them

  11. Now THAT’S what captures my interest – a censored tattoo and 14 comments :o)

  12. Wasn’t this submitted to BME YEARS ago by someone who used to be a very active member of IAM but later left? I’m not sure what time she left but i’m fairly sure i remember her being on IAM.

  13. @CalmLlama
    She was. I was friends with her on livejournal way back when too. I can picture her face, but can’t for the life of me remember her name!

  14. I thought it was going to be a cock because it’s always a cock on Modblog but its not and I love this tattoo so much more than any cock tattoo in the world!

  15. I totally love that!!! I thought it was going to be a cock because its always a cock on censored modblog posts, but this is sooooo much better!

  16. ick . that does not turn me on . i cant shake the thought that this chick is a super feminist man hater . it makes me think about being on the rag … i hated my uterus so much – i threw it away ..

    But . it is nicely done . good quality lines . done by a skilled artist .

  17. I have also seen this. And also think it looks like old medical text. I also think the girl is possibly not a fan of men but honestly this sketches me out a lot less than the stomach tattoo of a skeleton baby… that makes me think what kind of weird pro life pro choice statement is that and if she can and does have babies it’ll be all warped to shit and a bad omen. I wanted skeleanimal type tattoos for like 5 minutes but thought it’d be a bad omen and kill my mortal pets, so I didn’t, I instead got a tattoo of my living dog instead. I’m a crazy person though.

  18. That’s stupid– someone gets a tattoo of their guts and it makes them a man-hater. That makes no sense at all. It’s a bad-ass tattoo and I’d be more inclined to think that people who think it’s gross hate women.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, that tattoo belongs to Dita tequila. She used to run the Japanese version of BME.

  20. I think the actuall depicion is true i think it is an intresting peice with some underlying vagina issues

  21. I think it’s awesome. I don’t kown why, but it’s very feminine in my opinion.

  22. Well women don’t want to sleep with guys who find them a turn off either! She’s not your type but you’re probably not hers either, she’s probably looking for someone who’s into her tattoos and has a sense of humour!

  23. I think it is genius! Fun tattoo! And who sleeps with someone based on their tattoos? It is a very well done tattoo and most of us have some scracher art on us so it is a wonder any of us ever het laid with that thought train

  24. i am just saying . if someone tattoos grosses me out – i am not going to sleep with them . i have some extremely disturbing tattoos and there has been people who got so turned off that sex would never be able to happen . i dont like the uterus , its a body part that makes me mad . but i am crazy .. i cant sleep with someone who has any type of jesus tattoo either . sexuality is a mixture of opportunity and preference .

  25. I have a Jesus tattoo, granted he’s hanging upside down on an inverted crucifix. But hey, your loss.

  26. aw jon p. i am exponentially disappointed that i have excluded you for my sex life during my ignorant rant about tattoo preference . i do however make exceptions for satanic jesus tattoos , or zombie jesus tats . as long as you can tolerate my young-girl-corpse-with 3 boobs-getting humped -in the-butt-by a goatlion tattoo ….

    i really hate uterus’s. its a stupid body part . i had to sign a lot of paperwork to have mine willingly removed at such a young age . .

  27. She doesn’t have an Iam page, which page did you check CalmLlama? If that’s not Mari, aka Dita, then it’s a total rip-off of her tattoo which she had done many years ago. Also, Mari, last I heard, was happily married and had a child. All this surmising about what sort of person she must be based on her tattoo is ridiculous.

  28. I stand corrected. Dita does still have a page, but it hasn’t been used since 2008. Her tattoo is on her back, so I guess it is a rip-off.

  29. i think its fantastic! nice work.
    not a turn off at all.. i want to get all up in there haha

  30. Great idea, awesome tattoo… besides the dot work shading on the edges, looks a bit like pube stubble growing in. Cute pootang as well ;P.

    sanwich needs to stop being a little attention whore about her missing uterus (you’re alive because of one, just thought you might like the heads up)

  31. uhmm, how the hell do you think getting a tattoo like that means your a man hater?
    really stupid..

  32. Honestly? That makes me WANT to have sex with her. Maybe it’s just the “kid in me” like an above poster mentioned, but I would have so much fun with that!

  33. @VEAL This tattoo is pretty old too. I first remember seeing it maybe around ’05 or ’06? The girl who has it doesn’t seem like the type to rip anyone off. It’s very possible that two people had a similar idea!

  34. This is my tattoo, I submitted it to BME (at least to IAM) 5 or 6 years ago. Whoever submitted it now doesn’t ‘own’ it. I’m glad it continues to inspire very different reactions.

    It isn’t supposed to be 100% anatomically correct (obviously it is much too large for that). It is inspired by anatomy but also ‘artistic’ in the sense that it compliments the shape and proportions of the body. However, that doesn’t show clearly in this picture, which was supposed to show the detail of the tattoo

    Veal: its great to hear there is someone else out there with a reproductive system tattoo, I hope we could meet some day. Although this is certainly a case of coincidence rather than rip-off. This tattoo was designed my myself and an artist friend. We used a combinations of Grays Anatomy and other old anatomical drawings. It was tattooed by Xed le Head at Into you London in 2004.

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