It’s time for something a little harder

I contemplated turning this into a “guess what”, but I think that would lessen the significance of this particular modification.  It’s not very often we see a partial penectomy, so when I saw this in the queue I knew it had to be posted.


While today’s earlier photoshopping was excessive, this one is pretty much mandatory.

With a partial penectomy, there is obviously going to be some kind of sensation loss, and according to Chatdord (and google translator) he has managed to remove all sensation from the glans.  With how the tissue looks, I’m going to guess that after the cut, he used something to cauterize the wound.  He also has mentioned that he’s been filming his progress, and hopes to make a video montage of everything that he plans on doing.  So keep an eye on the BMEHard galleries to see more from Chatdord.

19 thoughts on “It’s time for something a little harder

  1. To provoke, the earlier cut didn’t work….. I can appreciate a need, but whatever, this latest cut is not new to this fellows penis. The bit I never understand, is when when the line is crossed to (for want of a better word) impregnability.

    Mushing yourself up I understand. but when it solely is only to be a sole venture from here forth … an interview I’d like to read.

  2. Wow…that is interesting. I’d also like to know more about this person and their vision.

  3. I simply do not understand the thought processes involved when it comes to genital modification (mutilation?) like this….
    I’ve given quite a lot of thought and research into the subject, but i still seem to have a mental block to really understand and accept such things…

    as a guy, a heterosexual guy, it completely dumbfounds me as to the reasons for genital mods like this. If such things were undertaken in the intent to ‘kickstart’ a male2female transition, i could understand that… ya know…

    i suppose a big part of that dumbfounds me on this subject is that a vast amount of removal modifications seem to center on the penis and testicles, as opposed to other body parts such as the feet or hands…

    this, coming from a guy who has given very serious thought into ‘losing’ the small finger on my left hand… but, not out of whim, but more-so out of a want to do away with a troublesome digit that suffered a severe (and improperly healed) compound break a few years ago…

    however, i suppose it all falls back on a modifier’s mission…. to support fully a person’s ability and right to do with his/her body what he/she wishes, even if the reasons make little or no sense to you…

  4. Dude ur what happened to that wanker before hand, looks like it kinda bumpy and stuff haha. How is he not bleeding to death right now too?

  5. Cris,

    Lots of people don’t get penectomies. Lots more don’t get penectomies.

    Just because a penis is incredibly useful to Primus and fits Primus’ body map does not mean a penis is incredibly useful to Secundus or fits Secundus’ body map.

    Penises and testicles, as solely soft tissue (unless otherwise stimulated), have a lower level of difficulty than say hands and fingers. They are also incredibly useless for day to day tasks. The only person I know who actually made a living picking things up with his penis is Mr. Joe Lifto of the Jim Rose Circus.

    In fact, if you do wish to consider how useless your penis is in day to day life, then consider how many transsexuals you have oggled not knowing they were transsexuals. The primary sexual characteristics do not enter into polite conversation or ordinary social interaction. Rather, gender assignment of adults is primarily by secondary sexual characteristics. In layman’s terms… the last time you displayed your penis to prove you were a man was either in Junior High or as a baby.

  6. how is this guy not dying from some systemic infection? those do not look like happy chops…

  7. Anyone who can cut into their own penis deserves respect. Not something I would do…but I’d certainly buy this guy a drink. Lol.

  8. takes some guts. could some one explain why his dick’s a little lumpy? i hope everything goes well for him.

  9. I think it looks hot. It’d look even hotter if he cut all the way through. The thought of him not being able to feel his penis while it pleases me is exciting to me.

  10. The beauty of being a critic is you don’t have to provide a higher standard of whatever you’re criticizing.

  11. Je suis la personne qui s’est fait cette pénectomie partielle, mon pénis s’est très bien guéri, dommage, je me coupe quelques fois, mais je n’ai jamais recommencé si grave, j’aimerais bien recommencer mais je suis allé deux fois à l’hôpital pour hémorragie. j’ai d’autre photos à publier,

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