Here’s the thing.  Every time I tried to think up a headline for this post, my mind got bogged down in dirty jokes.  So I just decided to focus on what’s important.  And that is the adorable mouse tattoo.  Now, there’s nothing mod-related under the black square, so you’re pretty much seeing the point of the post without missing anything important.  But for those curious, you can click on the mouse to see the uncensored version, and start thinking of some of the headlines I was tempted to use.

And if you don’t want to click it now, you can see it any time in the female genital tattooing gallery.

15 thoughts on “Mouse!

  1. Dear tattoo owner,

    You’re doing it wrong.

    Landing Strip Administration Board

  2. Awesome mouse. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of hair arrangement before, its intriguing.

  3. So….I thought it was a real mouse. And I’m like, “This is just a vagina. This has nothing to do with BME…..OMG….” I had my mind blown. Lol.

  4. Worse pubic hair arrangement ever. It doesn’t even make any sense. It is a shame too, because that is such a nice small vagina.

  5. @billy

    um I’m not a big fan of the hair arrangement either for the same reason, but “a nice small vagina” ? really?

  6. TRUE.FUCKING.STORY: My grandpa lived in a senior’s centre, and I met the RAUNCHIEST old woman I’d ever met, who asked me about my tattoos… and she said “you know I had a tattoo of a mouse once–right here” *points to hip/crotch area* I said “used to? you dont still have it?” and she said “my pussy ate it” it was INSANE.

  7. Without feeling the need to comment on genitalia or hair, I love this tattoo. its so well done. I didnt “get” the placement until i read the first comment though, oops.

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