Wipeout has nothing on these big balls

BME Hard contributor Erebli has been around for a while.  Hard members will remember his BBQ’d penis, his pancake recipe, and his recent experimentation with superglue.

This time around, he’s going big with a saline injection.

Well, you’ll have to keep on bouncing to see just how big he gets.

Here he is partially inflated.

And then at the end, here’s how big he ended up.

One of the great things about Erebli is that he’s really positive about his art, and is always willing to answer questions either in the comments or on his website.  So feel free to ask away, and remember to be respectful.

28 thoughts on “Wipeout has nothing on these big balls

  1. How long does it take for this amount of saline in the scrotum to be absorbed by the body?

  2. i give you some respect man.. that would of been painful! how long did it take you to get your ball sack to that size and was there any complications along the way?

  3. For me, it takes about 1 day per liter. So this being almost 2 liters, it will take 2 days to be fully absorbed. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Tobias, No, once injected you are stuck with the size. I tie off so that none goes up into the body. So what you see here is all in the scrotum. I have checked with many medical doctors, and as long as you keep it sterile, and have good kidneys, it is relatively safe. (When I untie it, the saline does move up into the body.)

  5. how long did it take you to be able to fit that much saline? the skin is stretched so big.

  6. can u die if it enters the body? or why cant it go into the body? if u have to go to the market that must be pretty weird having such a sack to walk around 😀

  7. You said: (When I untie it, the saline does move up into the body.)

    Does that mean the saline get’s excreted at some point and the scrotum returns to normal-ish size? Or will you always have this kindof size? (much like stretched lobes)

  8. Miss Cherry,
    I have done as much as 3 liters in the genitals only. I tie off because I don’t want saline moving up into the body. I continue to do this at least once every 2 weeks trying to increase the amount and size. I hope to be able to put in 4 or more liters eventually.
    I have been doing scrotal saline infusions for at least 17 years, so the skin is stretched.

  9. Celestial,
    When the saline moves up into the body, it is absorbed and excreted as urine. I can tell when it is all out of my body by my weight going down to normal.
    The scrotum returns to normal size. The skin is stretched, but not noticeable except when it is warm and the testicles drop. I wish that it would permanently stay about the size of a grapefruit. I don’t want to use silicone, which is an option.

  10. What exactly do you do when you have the saline injected all the way? Do you just sort of…sit around at home for a few days while it all gets absorbed and wait for it to return to normal? Or do you go on with your daily life like you would if you didn’t have the saline in?

  11. Does it give you any added stimulation, either physically or mentally? Or is it purely to stretch the skin? And can I ask how your testicles sit/move while inflated?

  12. Simsy,
    It wasn’t painful, but there is some burning sensation at the start. It took one and a half hours to get in almost 2 liters of saline.

  13. Sven Covents,
    No, I won’t die if it enters the body. If I didn’t tie off it would go into the body. I have gone out with this much and more in my sack. I wear clothes that pretty much cover it. But there are times that I get some stares.

  14. Selphi,
    Yes. The first area to swell is the pubic area. It will get puffy, but this only lasts at most a day. Depending on how much I put in, the scrotum will keep saline in it and hang down with much of the saline at the bottom.

  15. Kat and Xander,
    After I’m done infusing, I like to walk around nude letting it all hang down. But then I get dressed and just go on with my life.
    It does give me stimulation both physically and mentally. I love the feel and mentally, I want to get bigger and bigger. (I’d love to get to the size of a small beach ball.) I don’t know what happens to the testicles. I suppose that they must float.

  16. NexiZydrate,
    I’ve been doing this for about 17 years and everything works just fine. I have had medical doctors inspect my scrotum and testicles and they are normal.
    Short term–If I put too much in and the skin won’t take any more, the skin will start to weep. This only happens when I tie off so that none goes in the body. I have to be aware of how tight the skin is. If this happens, there is no way to stop the weeping and everything will get wet even with a pad on. It also hurts like hell if you get any water on, like in a shower. There is also the possibility of bleeding under where the needle goes in. This will cause bruising. I pretty much know how to prevent these things.

  17. Could you please post some before and after pics on your site to give those of us that are interested in doing inflation an idea of where you start and where you end?


  18. I have a vision of MC Hammer pants 😀

    Erebli, awesome. the pictures and the info 🙂

  19. Connor and LuLu,
    I go with the pants that have the most room in that area, and a shirt that is long and hangs over the pants.

    Thanks for the comments, and I love giving out information about this. If you want to see more photos and videos (some of which you may not like), go to—–www.erebli.blogspot.com

  20. Lurp,
    I will check my inventory. I do believe that I have something like that. If I find them, I will post them.

  21. Lurp and Everyone else that wants to see before and after,

    I didn’t have anything in my inventory, so, I will do a large scrotal saline inflation next week showing before and after and during. I will post the video on my blog and photos to BME.

  22. Just out of interest, why do you do this? I is a sexual thrill or…? I find it fascinating! Although I’m a girl so I can’t try it out myself!

  23. Hi Rowena,
    It is a sexual thrill for me that I can do these things to myself, but more than that, I enjoy looking at the photos and videos over and over, and it thrills me that others can see what I have accomplished. I consider it Art and strive for perfection. I love to go over and beyond what others might try.
    I’m much too old now, but I have always wanted to perform in front of an audience.

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