The Friday Follow-up

This week’s follow up was requested a few times, so even though it isn’t as old as some of the scars we’ve been seeing the past couple of weeks, it is still a look at a healing scar.

You’ll probably remember this Hellraiser scarification/branding by Eroswastika..

Keep on reading to see how it’s looking now.

It’s interesting to see how the sections that were branded are healing significantly different than the sections that were just cut.

Ighlif also put the implants into those hands.

13 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. That is interesting. I’ve been looking at getting both scarification and branding, so this is really handy. The branding looks really good!

  2. Did he lose weight or is the photo just positioned better? It’s much easier to focus on the scar in the healed image.

  3. That Girl, he probably had some swelling during the procedure or ate a big meal. I can’t believe sometimes how much I eat after a tattoo session.

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