Blood and Hooks

The #Leeds suspension team from St. Petersburg, Russia is often featured because of their suspension photoshoots and performances.  While suspensions are a big part of what they do, they do have more than one trick up their sleeve.  In an effort to create their art, members of the team are sometimes asked to shed a little blood.

I’ve got one more photo from the shoot for you, but it has a smidgen of naughty bits, so you’ll have to keep reading to see it.

I’m sure some of that blood may be stage blood, but there’s no doubt that those hooks and rings generated their share of blood.

You can see more photos from this shoot in the #Leeds Suspension gallery.

One thought on “Blood and Hooks

  1. I know the rings in her arms in the first shot are temp work for the lace effect…but DAMN they look like they are in quite deep…though it could just be how I am seeing the picture..

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