Clipping the tip

Back in December, one of the Guess What posts featured a type of nipple nullification that is a little different than what we’re used to seeing.  Nonippleboy is in the process of doing a DIY nipple removal, and in the first stage he removed just the tip.  Well it’s been a few months, so lets check back in and see how things are coming along.  But before that, here’s what his nipple looked like back in December.

A couple of days later a scab formed, which left the nipple looking like this.

And finally here’s how his chest looks today.

Now Nonippleboy’s goal is to have his areolas remain intact, but be completely smooth.  His right nipple was removed by tying off the tip with elastics and then cutting off the excess.  His left nipple was done by cutting off the skin, which is why the area is a little larger.  He hopes that the scar tissue will eventually darken, leaving him with a smooth chest.

You can see more of his progress in the nipple nullification gallery.

8 thoughts on “Clipping the tip

  1. Love it!, id like to have that done, but i heard it causes problems for females. :(

  2. I kinda doubt that’s going to get much darker, but maybe he could tattoo on that spot if it doesn’t?

  3. @meow: It’s hard to say given how fresh it is. Scar tissue can do some funky things over time.

  4. It just looks like he has a smaller, lighter nipple. Given the unpredictability of scar tissue, he’s taking a gamble. Though that’s probably part of the thrill.

  5. I had mine removed six years ago; having a totally smooth profile when wearing a tight T-shirt was a real buzz. Later I had the aureolaes taken out completely after being inspired by pics on BME. I’m still very pleased with the result and the scar tissue remains sensitive enough to be a source of enjoyment!

  6. Ugh. I’m waiting to hear if I’m clear for surgery and you’re doing it on your own, yeah that makes my fucking day.

  7. I confirm that I have not done tattoo on my areolas.
    After cutting off my nipples and I let time heal (after 10 days the scabs have fallen and the flesh was smooth and pink) at the end of three weeks the skin was very soft but the scar remained clear so I desperately have long exposed to the sun and uv cabin protecting the rest of my body and leaving exposed to light my areolas.
    I put on the most powerful of creams to activate the tanning (milk fat) and thus the areola become very very dark while my body remained with its normal color.
    Then the tan has faded and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the scars were tanned and had more color difference.
    I was able to get back to normal and when my sun tanned body at the same time that my areolas color became fully standardized.
    I am very happy with the result because nobody can imagine that my breasts have been changed, the appearance is completely natural, only that now the areola is completely smooth and there is no more trace of the pin in the middle.
    I find it very beautiful.

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