Hook Life

Many of you know Misty from her work over HookLife, as well as her scarification work I’ve posted in the past.  Well recently Lucas from the Springfield chapter of AGRO came to visit her and she was able to combine both her love of suspension and her talent as an artist.

That’s the AGRO logo in case you didn’t know.

Blood and Hooks

The #Leeds suspension team from St. Petersburg, Russia is often featured because of their suspension photoshoots and performances.  While suspensions are a big part of what they do, they do have more than one trick up their sleeve.  In an effort to create their art, members of the team are sometimes asked to shed a little blood.

I’ve got one more photo from the shoot for you, but it has a smidgen of naughty bits, so you’ll have to keep reading to see it.

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Only in a fluid sharing relationship…

…would it ever be considered ok to take out someone’s hooks, clean them off and then see what piercings of yours they would fit into.

Kevin, who submitted these pictures had this to say:

My girlfriend and I the day after her performance suspension in Columbus, OH for the band Only Flesh.  After lovingly massaging the air from her back and cleaning her shark hooks, I played around by putting the hooks in everything I could, like my 6g labret as seen here.  This photo seems to show a lovely middle-ground between my piercing/stretching obsession and her affinity for ink.  I’m so glad we share the same affinity for body modification :)  Photo by Samantha Hodges.


PS: I believe those shark hooks he refers to are actually salmon hooks.

The Hidden Language

Really pretty photo set here from Lisa, who writes:

The picture was really the photographer Karin’s idea, she just hadn’t found anyone who could do it before we started talking mod pics just for fun. My ex is a body mod freak and could help us with the hook part. This was actually my first time with hooks.

And a fine first time it is! One more photo, after the jump.

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