Buddha in the dark

What better way to close out this beautiful Memorial Day than with a beautiful BME Girl.

Yep, it’s cropped.  Keep reading to see the rest of it.

This was sent in by the photographer, CHRISMDAY, who’s work we’ve seen before with this amazing shot Jen posted a few weeks back.  Chris has a knack for capturing sensual images of modified models, and this is just one of a series of photos of this particular model which you can find in the BME Girls Gallery.

6 thoughts on “Buddha in the dark

  1. The tattoo isn’t very good, so are we literally just meant to judge the photographic skills utilised? Seems like the wrong place for it.

  2. No comments? BLASPHEMY! God, at least say something about that bangin’ body!

  3. kind of wish there was more light to see the tattoo better…she does have a nice body though…

  4. I’m not going to complain about nudity or anything…but shouldn’t the focus at least be on the art?

    A lot of it is heavily shadowed and the most amount of light is given to the front half of the body…

  5. cmon guys havent you leanred yet, this is modblog, so get naked or gtfo…. might as well be IAU.

    fuck, atleast the broads on there have decent work

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