The world needs more bouncy castles

Seriously.  Life would be so much better if every day we could spend 15 minutes bouncing around in one.  Ball pits are an acceptable alternative, but there’s something to be said for bouncing around like an idiot in a castle.  If you support the bouncy castle initiative, then you should be attending BMEFest 2011.  Oh sure, there’s a pool, some goats, baby ducks, slip’n’slides, bonfires, bbq, suspensions, campsites and more, but what matters most is the bouncy castles.  Alright, so spending a weekend in Virginia with some awesome people is probably a better reason to come down.  So get yourself over to the event page, sign up (if you have a problem signing up, try a different browser), and I’ll be seeing you next weekend (July 2nd-4th)!

BME logo scar by MaRTWy.

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