The Friday Follow-up

Well, it is Friday, which means it’s time for this week’s scarification follow-up.  Today’s scar is unique in that it was the artist’s first scarification piece ever (that wasn’t done on herself).  The artist of course is none other than Hooklife and IAM’s own SouthTownBaby.  So for Misty’s first scarification piece she cut an anchor into her client.

We’ve seen other scars by Misty, and for someone who is still new to the art, she can nail circles like a pro.  Oh, and the rest of it is pretty awesome too.  Let’s see how it looks a couple of months into healing.

It looks like it’s coming along just fine.  You can check out more of Misty’s work in her BME Portfolio Gallery.

Also, to all those scarification artists, and those of you with scars, remember to keep sending in those fresh and healed photos to the gallery.  Scarification follow-ups are the posts that I get the most request for in a given week but I can’t do them without your photos.  So log in to your free account with BME, and start uploading those photos.

3 thoughts on “The Friday Follow-up

  1. I like the design, think if it had a bit of cross hatching it would give it a bit more pop

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