Come hang with us!

4 days to go before BMEFest 2011!  I think everyone knows by now how much I’m looking forward to the bouncy castles, obstacle course and slip’n’slide (3 lanes!), yet there is so much more going on.  The party begins on Saturday, but if you show up Friday night, that’s alright as well.  There is a LOT of room for tents, while there are hotels a short distance away, sleeping in a tent will probably save you some money.  Of course there will be a big bonfire, and no I won’t be jumping into this time.  I singed enough of my beard off last time for me to even think about doing it again.

Now, one of the many awesome things happening over the weekend is we have Cere from ROP facilitating both suspensions and pulls.  Along with Cere, some of the other practitioners include ChrisB, TrickyDick, and Brian, as well as many others who work alongside these guys.  Now if you’re thinking about suspending, feel free to get in touch with Cere ahead of time.  He will be bringing extra supplies to facilitate pulls and suspensions for those who don’t get in touch with him, but letting him know ahead of time lets him estimate a bit better.  Now supplies do cost these guys, so they’ll be asking for a minimum donation of $150 for suspensions, and 60 for pulls.  One of the main tenants of the suspension community is that they’re there to facilitate, not make money.  So any donation given covers the cost of the supplies, and anything in excess goes towards purchasing new equipment.

With that all said, here’s a shot taken by Jen on New Year’s Day at the last BME BBQ.  Suspending is IAM:Velo, who is the guy with the massive burning monk scar.

For more information regarding BMEFest, head on over to the sign up page and let us know you’re coming.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the event forum.

5 thoughts on “Come hang with us!

  1. Oh sure use a kinda blurry one. :p I won’t be there to take any blurry photos (or clear ones) this time. 🙁

  2. So stoked to be doing my first suspension with a bunch of the top people I respect / adore in the industry around me.

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