The Legend of Neil

When I saw this photo in the gallery last night I knew that there was only one Neil that would get this scar of the Asmodeus symbol.  Now because this is Neil Chakrabarti, he doesn’t do anything half-assed.  For example, his pull/suspension at Suscon earlier this year was dedicated to his good friend Spliff, who was in a horrible car accident last summer, and we’ve also seen his throat suspension, which should never, ever, be attempted.  Given Neil’s affinity for all things hellbound, getting a symbol of the king of the demons/prince of hell shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Kcir was the one lucky enough to rip away at Neil’s flesh for what I’m guessing was an extended period of time.  You can see more photos of the scar in Kcir’s portfolio gallery.

Dance An Antic Hay

This is very, very close to being an explicit picture, and, while I’m sure nobody would had a problem with a little less perpendicularity, I think we can all appreciate being able to see Melt Banana‘s “satanic ass” (her words!) free of any blurring or pixellation. Really, though—great tattoos, beautiful photo…I don’t like throwing around words like “hero” willy-nilly, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Melt Banana is the greatest hero in American history.

(Goat tattoos by Angelo Colussi at Quetzal Tattoo in Milan, Italy.)

Spooky Scary

Is the Ouija Board not one of the weirdest toys ever made? Regardless of its origins, the current incarnation is ostensibly for children, but it exists only to scare the bejesus out of you, right? And not even in the harmless “scary story” way — these things have tortured a few generations of people now by making them think they are literally being haunted by damned demons and such. What I’m getting at is, this cutting is well done, but since the person who got it done is obviously going to hell, I think we need another board game-related scarification piece to balance things out. I’m going to suggest Scrabble.

(Cutting by Russ Foxx at The Fall in Vancouver, British Columbia.)

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