Dinner is served

Well, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting to see these photos.  When we last saw these bits of flesh, they were freshly removed.  At the time a number of people, myself included, assumed that he had eaten them shortly after the photos were taken.  It turns out we were wrong.  Initially they were preserved in a glass container, with the note “Eternal Preservation” attached to the photos.

I suppose that at some point he changed his mind, as we got some new photos from him yesterday.

And for those wondering, here’s how the plate looked in the last photo.

While I don’t have a name for this anonymous gentleman, you can still see his entire journey in the male nullo gallery.

8 thoughts on “Dinner is served

  1. Those are just posed pics, you’ll notice the chopsticks haven’t actually changed from one photo to the next.

  2. Good eye Jon. I don’t think that I would have noticed that everything is the exact same in the 2 photos. I’m still interested to know what it would taste like.

  3. From the first pics sent in, this persons mods have been a bit controversial. I find every aspect of the journey that’s been taken with this fascinating and wish the person would share the story behind it all.

    From the anglerfish piercing to the nullo to this new set of images, I’d like to see how things have healed and wonder if more removal or mods are planned.

  4. Regardless of whether the penis was eaten (which by the appearance of the photos is questionable), this is deeply disturbing, recalling Bernd Jürgen Brandes and Armin Meiwes. Once again, I question BME’s repeated willingness to present this type of thing uncritically.

  5. I find this less disturbing than the step-by-step pictorial of a guy destroying his foot with dry ice and having it removed in hospital. That’s almost instructional and before the man’s quite detailed post in the comment’s section, it seemed a little too frivolous without a disclaimer.

    This, however, is simply the remnants of something which has been done in the past. There’s no step-by-step process being portrayed out of context here. And so many of these particular “artsy” nullo pics have been featured that any moderate reader of ModBlog can put two-and-two together as to the person’s motivations for wanting to do this.

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