Another mind-boggingly awesome mod for the day…

In keeping with the theme from my last post, “mods that stir up a genuine  sense of awesomeness for me”, I present to you Mason’s (who you may remember from this Modblog gem from the past ) deep chest “piercings”. I say piercing in quotes, because while these are opening in the skin filled with a piece of jewelry, the procedure to get them there (and healed) was FAR from a piercing.

When I first saw this picture on Tumblr, I shot Mason a message I wanted 2 things: a) a better photo of this mod and maybe some additional photos. b) his permission to post this on modblog. That little bastard never responded to me and I realized 2 things: a) this mod is so AWESOME that if all we can get is a homoerotic myspace mirror shot, then that’s what we will post! b) This is Mason, am I really waiting on permission from him?


Since I never got the full 411 from Mason, I am basing the following information on what he told me a long time ago, and my own theories so if anyone involved with this project wants to jump in and correct me, please do so.

These “piercings” started as subdermal implants done by none other than Brian Decker (if memory serves me correct).  After the subdermals were allowed sufficient time to heal, they were removed which left behind a healed fistula. Then the entry and exit points for the new “piercing” were opened by Howie and teflon jewelry was inserted.  (Thanks to Tony for correcting me on the implant to piercings steps). This left behind a piercing that would be nearly impossible to heal using traditional manners and a mod that I have only actually seen one other time…and that was on Fakir Musafar!

11 thoughts on “Another mind-boggingly awesome mod for the day…

  1. I used to drool over these in the old BME gallery, but always wondered how the hell they were done. Aaron (iam: sick) asked Mason If he was planning on suspending from them but I never saw a response. Very cool.

  2. Howie cut the implants out of his chest at my shop during the APP. the teflon rods were removed and replaced by the jewelry you see in the pic. no suturing involved. easy peezy japaneezy..

  3. Mike, Healed fistulas are nowhere near as elastic as open wounds so I wouldn’t advise hanging from them. But that’s not to say it couldn’t be done.

    Tony, thanks for the clarification.

  4. Richard(iam:dragonheart) had some very siminar, done in the exact same way but they regected pretty fast as soon as they were turned into ‘piercings’

  5. No disrespect to Mason at all, but I’ve just never cared for these “piercings”. I personally just feel like (if I had them) they’d constantly be getting in the way and they look awkward.

    That being said, I’d never presume to tell someone what mods they should or shouldn’t get and more power to him for going through with the procedure. :)

  6. oh, sean. you’re so two weeks ago. see the upside of endlessly scrolling your day away?!

    could one of you PLEASE dig up the hollywood undead shot of ma$e face that graced the front page of bme a couple years ago? if i remember correctly, that was the first time i ever laid eyes on the royal we. it was all downhill from there…


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