Now, this is just plain rad.

I have to admit, after over a decade on this site I tend to take mods that other’s would consider amazing for granted. It’s rare that I see any mods that stir up a genuine  sense of awesomeness for me. This ear mod on Kira got that reaction from me.

This awesome ear  mod was done by Bruno, who was one of the first practitioners I knew of to use the cut and suture method for cartilage removal. For this piece he used a custom made dermal punch and custom jewelry. The plan is for her to wear the jewelry for a few years to truly define the shape and then hopefully she can not wear any jewelry and still have the cross removal be well defined. If it turns out as well as the inner conch removal Howie cut and sutured on me a few years back, she will have an awesome ear mod for sure!


For more pics of the custom punch, and whatnot you know the deal, keep on keeping on…..





19 thoughts on “Now, this is just plain rad.

  1. this procedure was first done by steve haworth i believe, using specialy designed punches and molded silicone pieces. you leave the jewelry in for 3 months and the area remains its desired shape. custom punches can be designed or purchased, and silicone or g23 titanium pieces can be molded or fabricated. suturing the edges will most likely deform the area a bit. but great work none the less.

  2. Owww that ear does not look pleased by that. I love the look of empty conch holes though.

    Sorry if this double posted, phone issues.

  3. I’ve found that I’ve had a slight reaction to plug which has caused my ear to quite annoyed, mostly the red acryllic corss has caused me grief, planning to get a custom titanium piece made up and see how that goes!

  4. Its really lovely, i’m sure it will look even more incredible with time.

    p.s. it great to hear Howie being mentioned on the site again!

  5. That looks soooo cool!
    Does it stay the same size?
    Would you need to wear something in it most of the time?
    How big is it?

  6. Oooooh Greeeeat! This is Bomb!
    I’ve never seen this before, but That’s what I was looking for since i-don’t-know, not this shape exactly, but about this size, and, within it, a thick ear ring.
    You made my day! yihaaaa!
    but I still don’t know where I can have this done in France…any idea, anybody?
    Hoping this will heal fast and clean, and beautiful, it’s already looking amazing!

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