16 thoughts on “Her name is Freak

  1. Me as a German would translate it as:
    “Love is my guide”

    But the Fraktur font, the German language (which isn’t even totally correct, it should be written with more capital letters: “Die Liebe ist mein Führer.”) and the use of the word ‘Führer’ is some way of an allusion to the Third Empire.
    Not sure what to think about something like that without a comment from the artist/wearer.

  2. The quote is incorrect as Liebe and Führer are nouns and should therefore be capitalized.

    “Die Liebe ist mein Führer” would be correct.

    Vox’ translation is correct though.

  3. Andreas is totaly right. In the german language the nouns are capitalized. If she had only used lower-case letters, it could be style/art, but using this way to write it makes no sence..hehe..”Using a foreign language for my tattoo”-fail ;-)…but hey, in germany exist a lot of people with “inked so cruel that it changes the meaning”-like kanjis..”same same, but no difference” 😉

    But in spite of this little mistake its a cool pic !

  4. There is another small mistake. There are rules in german fraktur scripts, when you have to use the round s and when you have to use the long s. “ist” must be written with long s, because of the connection of the letters s and t.
    So if you want to have an entirely correct fraktur tattoo, it’s not enough to look in a calligraphy book. Long s and round s mistakes are quite often.
    Nevertheless it looks good and with all the ignorance of rules I would say it is style.

  5. This is one of the most subtle and amazing pictures that I’ve been on here. Gorgeous!

  6. As far as I can tell, her back is flesh removal scarification (which extends to neck and face; pretty cool) with temporary hooks attached to fishing line.

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