Shirts! Shirts Everywhere!

We’ve got some big news about the BMEShop today!  The t-shirt printer is working again, which means that the BMEShop is now back in stock with over 75 designs.  On top of that, expect to see over 100 more added in the coming weeks!

Here’s some of the ones that are now back in stock:

The list goes on and on, so head on over to the apparel gallery to see them all!

Because there have been so many designs in the past, getting them all ready to be printed is going to take some time.  So if you don’t see your favorite shirt listed, send the shop and e-mail with your requests so we can get that one back in stock right away!  Can’t remember the older designs?  Check out the BME Wiki page!

In more shop news, we’ve had some requests for cheaper international shipping.  So we’re going to be running a trial on “International First Class Mail”.  Keep in mind that this cheaper option will not come with a tracking number, and may take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive.  Due to the nature of this shipment, missing packages will not be the responsibility of the BMEShop.  So keep this in mind if you wish to try out the cheaper shipping options.

4 thoughts on “Shirts! Shirts Everywhere!

  1. I scrolled anxiously until I found the “I like my penises cut in two” picture. I LOVED that shirt. I also wish I could bitch about $24 being steep, but I know what these are printed on and that each is custom. I’ll probably end up buying 1/month to repopulate my collection.

  2. Tobias: I know that the price may seem a little high but the only way to be able to offer so many designs is to have it be 24.99 instead of 19.99. I also print all of the shirts myself so it’s really time consuming. The only other option is just doing two or three shirt designs at a time but then in the end, I get stuck sitting on a pile of shirts waiting for them to sell.

    Keep in mind, you’ll be getting a free “Tattoo Hollywood” shirt with your order so it will be two shirts for the price of one! The Tattoo Hollywood design was drawn by Tim Hendricks (an awesome tattooer, he’s also currently on NYC Ink) and Norm.

  3. Oh of course, I worded it weird but my post was meant to say “The $25 is totally justified”. I think I’m going to start with the BME Is A-OK shirt on payday!

  4. I personally think everyone should pick up an Aotearoa shirt and rep the shit out of it. haha

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